finally friday

finally friday

it’s finally friday! welcome to the final long weekend of summer. i can’t believe it’s labor day. i mean, is this even real? no. it’s not. wait, yes. it is. sorry. labor day….. we are going to labor around here. i have a crap ton of to do list around this here place including but […]

big a cabinet


i’m starting to realize i have a deep love and appreciation for big a$$ furniture pieces. i don’t know if you  knew this before me or no? you know what they say about houses with big walls….big furniture. as much as i would love to take credit for this find i can’t. the cupboard was […]

Best Self 2015 week 31


ok it’s week 31. we are well over halfway done and quickly approaching the end of the year. how is it that summer goes by so fast?! like, how is it september? i feel like it was barely august?! for the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on image and physical appearance and feelings so […]

5 things pinterest doesn’t tell you abo..

5 things pinterest doesn't tell you about farming

pinterest (including my own boards) are filled with dreamy images of flower fields, backyard chickens and expansive gardens. and i’m not going to lie, there is a lot a lot of that. never in my wildest dreams would i ever think that homesteading (or at least trying to) would be something that i would even […]

weekend recap

weekend 2

happy monday everyone! we are back to feeling like summer here in the mitten. i’m not going to lie to you, that breif hiatus from the heat made me ready for boots and sweaters. i even lit a pumpkin candle. don’t hate. i did a ton of stuff this weekend. no joke. friday my friend […]

finally friday

chicago 5

greetings from chicago! yesterday afternoon my friend shawn and i drove down to chicago to hang out at the godfrey hotel for wolverines fashion night out! luckily we got here a little early and could explore the city a bit. here is the thing, we ate and drank FOR FREE thanks to an app called […]