house stuff the screenroom


sorry i haven’t been posting too many house pictures lately. i feel like i need to show a before and after each time but a friend told me “you need to show all the progress!” so here is some progress we’ve done in the screenroom. we are realizing that as the temps heat up we […]

#bestself2015 week 20

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i’ve been bad. i’ve been neglectful and lazy. this happens every summer, i work hard over the winter and as soon as summer comes…adios gym! and healthy eating…and any sort of schedule i had set in place. my 15 loss is now a 12 loss and it sucks. i know weight fluctuates etc but this […]

weekend recap

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i love love love holiday weekends. love them. i’m coming back to work today feeling like i’m finally caught up on most things. what is it about that extra day? it’s one day? i would be so on top of everything if each month we got one long weekend right? or maybe two long weekends […]

finally friday

pentwater 4

it’s finally the weekend right? ever feel like sometimes you look forward to a holiday weekend so much you are like… wait it really is friday right? we. are. going. to. pentwater. i simply cannot cannot wait. cannot wait. CAN NOT WAIT we both unfortunately have meetings that are going to take us right up […]

pentwater is getting siding!


remember our little humble abode up in pentwater michigan? she is getting new siding! YES new siding AND real windows. after much deliberation it was time to just pay someone and get it done. we’ve owned the place for almost 3 years and it’s just one of those things that needs to be done by […]

#bestself2015 week 19

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i’ve been talking a lot lately about what goes in to my body but i’m starting to get more and more curious about what is in the products i’m putting on my body. actually i started getting curious about 24 hours ago. well actually like 12 hours ago. whatever last night i went to an […]