rosemary breakfast potatoes

this weekend i finally busted out my new brunch at bobby’s cookbook. i bought it when it first came out but had no time or energy to really prepare my own brunch so this weekend when we decided to hermit up i decided to go for it. i’m not much of a breakfast potato gal. […]

tulle skirt refresh

i’ve been really trying hard to not buy anymore clothing for this winter. i want to save my pennies for house stuff, spring clothing and whatever needs/wants/savings for the future. i didn’t say “i’m not” buying anymore clothes for this season.. i said trying. i’m trying not to. everything in stores right now is looking […]

weekend recap

it’s monday.. and so far the only highlight of monday morning is that i was thoughtful enough to pack a piece of left over strada to the office for breakfast. it’s cold. they are predicting more snow. and after a particularly great weekend…. work sounds… like work. lets recap the weekend and maybe by the […]

finally friday

whew we made it! it’s finally friday! this week was yet another blur of store stuff, work stuff, life stuff and keeping up with stuff. but life is good i can’t complain. this weekend we are going to focus on the ol humble abode. i’m not going junking (that i know of) it’s my weekend […]

how to collect jadeite

it’s been a looooong time since i did a post about picking, flea marketing, junking, hoarding etc. i am a collector…a minimalist collector. ok no i’m not. i love collections. i love having something little to hunt for while i’m searching for a big piece so i don’t walk away a loser. however a lot […]

reader survey

It’s that time… about time for a reader survey. considering i haven’t done one in almost two years…it’s time to get some feedback. this will greatly help me determine the next direction of this blog.  i have some ideas for 2016 but i want to make sure that you are on board with them too! […]

glam coffee table

it must be hard to be the middle room. you’re not the dining room but your not the living room you are this in between room. you can’t have a lot in the center because people need to walk through you to get to the living room. when i saw this glam coffee table i […]

weekend recap

how the heck is the weekend over already? my weekend always goes by quickly but this one FLEW. i guess it’s because i was gone almost all weekend?  let’s weekend recap shall we? friday night joe and i went to run a few errands to home depot for paint colors ( i think we found […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]

new couch

so i did a gutsy thing. i ordered a new couch on line. without sitting in it. but after taking a year to decide i said what the heck. lets pull the trigger. i need a place to sit because for the last like year i’ve been living in my bedroom. and this room was […]

week 52

woah dudes. we made it to week 52. an entire year since starting the best self challenge. i have to admit it sticking to a set committed post (even if it’s just one day) has been really kind of tough? BUT WE MADE IT! a side note on my post yesterday i love that everyone was […]

sticks and stones

i’m calling bull $hit on that stupid phrase. as kids we are taught that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. that is total and utter BS because sometimes i think that words hurt worse than any stick or stone or broken bone. it’s true. words can be hurled […]