finally friday snowed in

i. can’t. wait. to be. snowed. in. this weekend!!! we have the most beautiful snow right now on the ground. everything is just covered and beautiful and lovely. joe is coming home tonight after being gone an entire week of hunting in texas and we are going to make a bit pot of soup tonight […]

my new favorite brownie recipe

you guys…. rarely rarely do i crave brownies. but i had a little bit of left over milk i and i was craving either chocolate chip cookies or a brownie to go with it. since i had no oreos and no chocolate chips i luckily had enough ingredients to make these brownies. and let me […]

pre holiday house tour entryway

before we get to the entryway let us chat a bit about the a$$hole rooster in my life. i did chores for one of the last times before i have that rooster offed. i went out to do chores yesterday morning and all i have to do is get hay for the sheep and a […]

pre holiday house tour cocktail lounge

i have moved a million large cabinets in my life. out and about i have lifted dressers into my truck by myself, loaded a dolly with a pie safe and hoisted into the back of judy my pickup truck. i have never ever ever felt the “weight” of doing such things. last night i went […]

weekend recap

happy snowy monday friends. i opened my big mouth and asked for a dusting of snow to cover the brown grass and ended up with about 3-4 inches at our home. which would be fine and dandy if i wasn’t two hours from home last night picking when it started to just blizzard. actually it […]

finally friday holiday take three

happy friday everyone! for a full week back after a holiday last week this week actually went by kind of fast! this week joe and i made a commitment to eat at home more and cook dinner this week. we made it monday – wednesday but last night i went out for a little girls […]

pre holiday house tour living room

this living room has got me in a bit of a design pickle. i am loving how it is coming together. we painted everything in here green, added the plaid carpet and painted the fireplace black (tile paint). i would eventually love to add some marble to the fireplace but that is for another day. […]

pre holiday house tour dining room

ok second room of the week for the pre holiday house tour is the dining room! I haven’t really changed much up here with the exception of my table decorations. i don’t know why i love doing that so much i think it’s because it allows me to be creative without moving a bunch of […]

pre holiday house tour bedroom

for the past few weeks on and off i’ve been putting up decorations pretty much on every square inch of my house. like i said before i’m not going to burn myself out with marathon decorating. i just want to hang up ornaments when i’m in the mood and when i get tired of it […]

weekend recap

this weekend was long and awesome. i love having a midweek holiday. i honestly have a hard time remembering what i even did friday lol. i feel relaxed and refreshed to take on this week. wedensday night joe and i went out for a nice dinner to rustica. we just split the cheese plate and […]

finally friday thanksgiving edition

it’s finally friday! i hope you had a lovely thanksgiving with your friends and family. me? i feel like i slept most of it haha. yesterday i slept in until 6:30 and watched a movie in bed while looking through my magazines and new southern cookbook (ever since nashville i’m obsessed) and then around 10:00 […]

homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts

i think donuts have officially replaced cupcakes as “all the rage”. right now the social media world seems to be buzzing about who makes the best donut. i personally have several favorite stops but nothing beats a HOT fresh donut. when i was out and about shopping with my friend brooke we hit up william […]