finally friday

Office Inspiration

it’s finally friday. and do you know what this weekend is… turbo fricken house mode. We are having people over to watch the big game and i am not going to have that going on in a torn apart house. so tonight, tomorrow and probably even tomorrow night it’s paint and paint and more paint. […]

Shrimp Puffs with Beer Cheese

shrimp 10

i have spoken of her greatness before. i. love. the beeroness. all of her recipes (desserts, app’s, meat, vegetarian) are all about incorporating craft beers. i made these shrimp puffs for a christmas party earlier this year but i thought now would be an excellent time to share with the pending football festivities we are […]

#bestself2015 week 3

Weight loss yoga

how is it going this week friends? good? bad? how we feeling? me? i’m feeling overwhelmed these days. since we’ve started i have lost 4lbs by doing the following. 1. not eating out for dinner (once a week) 2. consistently asking myself “bitch yo hungry or no?” then stopping if i actually wasn’t hungry anymore […]

stevie nicks

Free people dress

  happy tuesday everyone! we are one step closer to friday. is it sad that i am already counting down? anyways…. last week i had the opportunity to go see fleetwood mac in concert. i have loved them for so long and honestly never thought that i would get a chance to see them together…live. […]

weekend recap

mishawaka antiques

a restful weekend indeed folks. as i sit here this monday happy that january is almost over and we are almost one month closer to spring.. i can’t help but be in a little bit of a good mood. even if it is monday ya know? this weekend was so nice. friday night joe and […]

finally friday

Finally Friday

  this week flew by. holy moly. i was on scramble mode all week trying to make up for those three days being gone last week and it’s like wait a minute…where did the rest of the week go? but here is the deal… i am totally and 100% ok with that. i’m ready for […]