finally friday welcome home edition

what day is it again? oh friday. i’m home again for the weekend and it feels so good. these travel is started to ware on me! especially the overnighters. i literally spent 15 hours in an airport between the last two days. what is it about flying that absolutely exhausts you? i mean seriously you […]

vintage horse trophy

i love that once a room is painted it creates a fresh new canvas to start decorating. when we moved in we left a lot of the paint colors as is so we could get a feel for the house and get inspired as we go rather than just slapping a bunch of paint on […]

raising pigs

we’ve had pigs on our farm since late spring but i haven’t really wrote anything about raising pigs or as i like to refer to them as raising fat satans. yes they look kind of cute and chunky but they are terrorizing beasts from below that have overstayed their welcome. we’ll get to that in […]

upstairs office

this saturday i had a massive decluttering event in the upstairs bedroom/office. the upstairs north side of the house has three bedrooms and a bathroom and i claimed one of them for my office. most work takes place now either at the shop or in the store but non the less it’s a place for […]

weekend recap fall edition

what a gorgeous fall weekend. seriously. the weather this weekend is why michigan people live here. (in addition to the freshness of spring, the sun of summer and the coziness of winter). the air was perfect the leaves were stunning and it was just a lovely relaxing weekend. this weekend was an equal balance of […]

finally friday travel home edition

it’s finally friday and in just a few short hours i will be homeward bound from atlanta. i have been spending the week here at a tradeshow and i am ready to go home! usually this conference is in vegas which isn’t bad but i haven’t been that crazy about atlanta. mostly because when we […]

cocktail lounge update

this room needed a little finishing touch (still needs more) but for a while there was no pillows then there was pillows that i just had but didn’t really go and some random clutter on the coffee table. it just didn’t have any curated pieces in it with the exception of the furniture. last weekend […]

simple pumpkin toffee bars

tis the season for pumpkin right? the second the leaves start to change i go into full on fall girl mode. gimme the scarves, the jackets, the pumpkin (although i’m not a PSL fan) but i love everything else baked and cooked with pumpkin. i found this great little magazine at the checkout while getting […]

Farmhouse Entry Renovation

well folks… after three coats of paint the entry way to the farmhouse is FINALLY painted and somewhat done (there will always be changes). if you can remember the walls use to be a pretty blue but I really wanted to freshen it up a bit. i chose a benjamin moore dove white and i […]

weekend recap home work edition

what a relaxing weekend! it was nice to be a part of the “stay home club” this weekend. well… kind of. i tackled a lot of home projects but also spent a lot of time on the road hunting for some key pieces. some things i found…others…the search continues. i kicked off the weekend with […]

finally friday home work edition

it’s funny how the term home work takes on a new meaning when you are out of school. my project list this weekend is long as i have seriously nothing scheduled and it’s going to be fantastic. i am going to tackle this house and keep the momentum going with my home projects. thank God […]

fall wardrobe update

ok it’s that time of the year when the weather has officially changed and i’m ready to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. key word: few, not piles just a few. i have been way obsessed with all of the luxe and glam textures and patterns i’ve been seeing “about town”. thank God […]