finally friday

we did it! another work week in the books and we are in full blown weekend mode in t-8 hours. it’s finally cooled down a bit too (although the humidity is still killing my hair). this morning though…. did not begin so relaxing. i went downstairs to the basement of our house to turn on […]

slip covered sofa couch

so my living room is a big long rectangle room guys. it’s 17×25 with two doors going out to the deck and a big opening that goes into the parlor (or cocktail lounge) and it needs big furniture to anchor it down. this could really quickly turn into a furniture flea if i’m not careful. […]

next steps

i want to start off by saying thank you thank you thank you to all of you who wrote in to me to support, love and even sharing your own stories of miscarriage with me when i shared our story a few weeks ago. i have tried my best to respond to all of you […]

living room flooring

so i did something drastic… if you recall the living room was the only downstairs flooring that didn’t have wood it was a gray shag style carpet. it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really my style and the first thing i wanted to do was rip it out. we got a quote from river valley […]

weekend recap

this was my turbo work woman weekend. joey was gone at a bachelor party all weekend so i took this as my opportunity to get stuff done around the house before a bunch of people come over for a pickling party. friday night i went to dinner with my friend rachel who i haven’t seen […]

finally friday

friday finally came! this week was hectic, busy but fun all at the same time. but i am glad that it’s here, the weekend. and i have big plans for it. it’s going to be super hot (it’s officially a heat wave) and my goal is two things 1.) keeping everything alive on the farm […]

farm life lately

life on the farm lately has been hot and dry…then dry and hot. but mostly hot and dry. we need rain so bad. honestly the last time we got a decent amount of ran was in early june (like the first or second week) the animals are not please with these 90 degree temperatures either […]

garden update

i figure it’s been a while since my last garden update. I was outside this morning cutting flowers for my friend when i smack dab grabbed a bee while pulling on a zinnia. i was having a peaceful morning followed by EXPLETIVE.. so much for calm and serenity i thought to myself. i really botched […]

cottage at the bloom workshop

yesterday the found cottage was invited to set up a display at the bloom workshop at the felt mansion in saugatuck. you guys…. it was absolutely stunning. i was obsessed with the idea that a home of this size was once built for someones “summer house” . if you can recall my “summer house” is […]

weekend recap

thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you again for all of the texts, messages, comments and support. you all made this weekend bearable. thank you so much. this weekend i filled up as much as possible with dates, activities, projects and work. i know a lot of people say […]

our miscarriage story.

this is a post i never wanted to write. in fact i’ve written in and deleted it at least 20 times. i  have even written and deleted this sentence a number of times. i am sharing this with you today because i have felt a calling to share my life with people. and it’s not […]

living room chairs

ok so i pulled the trigger and officially ordered carpet for the living room and I can’t wait to show you what i decided to go with. warning…. it’s drastic. and some people are going to hate it. but it’s joe and i and he loved it sooooooooo can’t wait. we need more furniture for […]