farmhouse landscaping

i love plants. i’m a perennial plant hoarder to the extreme. my last house… i went crazy. i just bought plants left and right at random greenhouses, farmers markets and road side stands not really even paying attention to if they were the right fit for my sun allowance, soil type etc. i ended up […]

weekend recap

woah. are you all still with me? nobody got blown away from the storms this weekend? how crazy was all of that?!!? i can’t remember hearing tornado sirens since i was like 10 years old. happy to report all is well on the farm and store. we lost no power and had not even a […]

finally friday

woah woah woah this week FLEW by! i can’t deny it i had a really great week. i think it was because i was very intentional with planning my time. i wanted to be home to do some of the things i loved this week. i really wanted to have a full night of garden […]

painting wood

i’m going to paint some wood in the pink bathroom/entryway. there i said it. i know it’s going to be controversial but with the wallpaper i want to hang it just needs to be painted. i tried to fight it, i tried to work around it but it just has to be done. my friend […]

favorite recipes from the garden

let me just start this out by saying it is amazing how recipes that are filled with veggies can turn fattening in a hurry. in a real hurry. even if it’s good fat. it’s a lot of fat. i learned my lesson with my fitness pal (now that i’m attempting to log things again) that […]

pentwater bedroom ceiling

what a good day so far you guys. i hit up the farmers market before work and stocked up on some of the biggest red peppers i’ve ever seen in my life. like if you were making stuffed peppers instead of relish you would be feeding a family of four off of one pepper. the […]

weekend recap

what a full, packed WONDERFUL weekend it was here in michigan. the 90 degree weather subsided, we got much needed rain, and i saw so many wonder friends and made so many wonderful new ones. i don’t think you can ask for much more than that! friday night after work joe and i headed to […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday and i have a jam packed weekend of AWESOMENESS!!!!!! you guys can i have a total fan girl moment? Natalie from Natalie Creates is coming to my house to hang out and teach a pickling class with  my other fan girl moment Megan Modderman. I CANNOT WAIT! we are having 18 women […]

garden update

the garden is in full late summer (cry) functioning mode. the veggies are out of control (so are the weeds) the flowers are waist high, and i find something ripe for the picking every time. while i’m sad to see summer on her way out ( our what is supposed to be, it’s going to […]

bedroom updates

you know what the least expensive update to any room is (in my opinion) ? pillows. i love pillows. i love pillows on my bed, on the floor, on the couch… i love pillows. i also love the concept of inserts and interchangeable covers. that way you can change them out seasonably/ mood wise and […]


so last night after a long day of work and watching the olympics much too late into the night i feel hard and fast asleep only to be awoke by a bang on the window. now, my room is on the second floor of the house so unless someone scaled the wall or crept on […]

weekend recap

you guys…. i slept in yesterday past 7am. i then stayed in bed until 10 watching old episodes of entourage. it was magical. i needed sleep so so bad. this past week/weekend has kicked my butt. it was lovely but it kicked my butt. friday night we had the reception for the work group that […]