finally friday sheep shearing edition

so it’s friday and i’m actually for once a little chilly. I get used to these 80 degree summer/fall days and when i finally give in and wear summer clothes still it’s cold. what gives? i’m not complaining though. i love this weather. i am officially ready for fall. this weekend is pretty jam packed […]

early fall garden

my garden is so confused as to what it’s supposed to be doing right now. usually we are averaging low to mid 70’s and it cools down to the 50’s at night. lately it’s been mid to upper 80’s and the night temperature is 60 degrees. needless to say the garden is going crazy still. […]

Pentwater Painted Ceiling

so last weekend i really wanted to get a few projects done but you know what i’ll settle for at least one when it’s this gorgeous out towards the end of summer. i picked a somewhat tedious but easy one with the bedroom ceiling at the cottage. if you  recall way way back in the […]

watch me go

it’s been a while since i blogged an outfit post! but i couldn’t not post this we’ll call it a summer/fall transitional look. i’m obsessed with plaid and i feel like fall especially lets me wear as many plaid patterns as humanly possible. don’t be fooled though, this shirt is not flannel it’s actually linen! […]

weekend recap

this weekend…. was eventful, restful, busy, chaotic and peaceful all rolled into two and a half days. friday after work joe and I shot home and loaded up the dogs into the back of the truck. (don’t worry they were leashed in). we currently are not using the explorer because we lost the keys 3 […]

finally friday pentwater edition

i could kiss the ground today. this week has been jam packed and when i say jam packed i mean as tight as you could jam all the jelly in the world into a jar. as tight as all the cars on 131 south can fit at 8:00 monday morning. jam packed. thank God it’s […]

pumpkin sage rolls

you want to know when the best time to stock up on magazines is? FALL. Fall magazines to foodies are the like september issues to fashionistas. i can’t get enough. i seriously buy every single special publication out there, 101 ways to use pumpkin, our best acorn squash recipes etc etc. one of my favorite […]


i love fall. it’s here. it’s here to stay for a few days until winter comes barging in unannounced and i am soaking it up. i love squash, i love early fall tomatoes and i love love love my fall flowers. the garden is still in full bloom as other plants seem to be winding […]

hard times

guys..i’ve been having a hard time lately. it’s times like these i’m grateful to have shared my story with you because when i’m having these hard days or weeks i’m happy that i can express that to you. express that not everything is always perfect and when we have a tragedy we don’t all have […]

weekend recap

talk about a weekend recap. i have been here there and everywhere this weekend. i should draw a map to all the places around michigan that i’ve been to lol. it was a lot of drive time but a lot of fun. with the exception of saturday afternoon i don’t think you could have asked […]

finally friday

i have been off every day this week. i loved having monday off but seriously… couldn’t remember what day it was for the life of me. yesterday morning joe asked me if i wanted to go out for dinner and walk around saugatuck that night completely believing that it was friday (yesterday). which caused me […]

weeknight enchilada protein bowls

guys.. i’m super excited about this dinner i made last night. i have been seeing people substituting out spaghetti squash for noodles for a long time now but i’ve never had the guts to actually try it out. a gal from work brought in a bunch from her garden and i had to give it […]