barely there


i might be almost thirty (yikes) did i really just admit that? but…but i still think that if it’s over 90 degrees and humid you have an excuse to run around (tastefully) half naked. is there such a thing as tastefully half naked? i think so. here is the definition of tastefully half naked. 1. […]

weekend recap


this weekend was hot hot hot! for those of you who appreciate scalding hot weather i hope you enjoyed it. i don’t mind it really, it just makes me nervous for my animals. they all have plenty of shade but when temps get to almost 90/95 that is so hot for them! (and us) friday […]

finally friday


it’s finally friday and as i was sitting down to write this post this morning i got the call from the local post office that my batch of guinea hens had just been delivered! i know i know what you are thinking. and no i’m not becoming an animal hoarder. i promise. these guinea hens […]



i have been feeling interior inspirationally challenged this month. i have not done any decor work in the house (except for sell my couch) and move a few things around here and there. when i am uninspired…i am 100% uninspired. i’m wearing a knit dress today with the same sandals i’ve been wearing for two […]

#bestself2015 week 26


we have reached the halfway point of #bestself2015! 26 weeks down 26 weeks to go! i actually had a really good week health wise. i have been working outside like crazy and the garden has been producing so many veggies that it’s been hard to keep up just to eat them all. i have been […]

simple berry dessert


it’s not a secret that i love checking out all the local farmers markets. i have told you this before but i have a tendency  to turn into a bit of a berry hoarder. i freak out that the seasons are so short! cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… they do not last that long here. so […]