simple summer peach crisp

growing up i thought michigan was the most boring state on the planet earth. all i could think of was… robins and cherries. you know simple kid stuff. guys, not to brag about my state but i’m going to brag about my state. we have the most amazing fresh water beaches, 4 seasons (one however, […]

working mom

i’ve always been a working mom but i guess now it’s 100% official as otto is currently in his first day of “school”. guys. it’s hard. everyone tells you that having kids is hard. it’s a life adjustment yadda yadda yadda because it is. but no one can prepare you for how your heart changes. […]

my midland vintage haul

two weeks ago we headed out to the midland antique festival. why i don’t know. we had so much to do around the house and it was raining but we went anyway. it’s always a gamble when it rains at a market. but there is also a chance of a big reward. you have less […]

i exclusively pumped for a year

if i’m looking sad and forlorn in any of these photos it’s because i’m morning the loss of my once youthful breasts. can i say that on here? youthful breasts? well from youthful to useful i guess they went while i exclusively pumped for a solid year. thats right ladies and hopefully no gentleman. a […]

Ottos first birthday

well i think we’ve fully recovered from the wild one’s first birthday party. we had 90 of our friends and family (that’s right 90) over to our house friday night for what we called “ottopalooza” and that it was. we ate dinner outside on the most perfect summer night. different groups of friends mingled on […]

happy birthday otto

i remember everything about the day you were born. i remember waking up one year ago today and feeling you roll around tight in my stomach too big to go much of anywhere else. i remember placing my hand on my ribs by your head and just knowing that in a few short hours you […]

leftover jam simple cobbler

towards the end of the week i am always left with half bottles of this or that sauce, one or two of this veggie etc. i hate waste so i try to be creative and use what i have left so i don’t end up throwing things away and letting them expire. it’s so hard […]

how to have a low maintenance garden

last year, i toiled. i toiled so hard for my garden. i was 8 months pregnant in my bathing suit and husbands gym shorts moving around on a beach towel pulling weeds for hours and hours. when otto was born and we spent 9 days in the NICU my garden just went to…. weed. it […]

vintage inspired polka dot dress

i don’t know how many times i’ve told myself that i do not need another dress but i’ve told myself many times that i don’t need another dress. truth be told i don’t need much of anything since most things end up with poo poo, puke or dirt on them. but when i was browsing […]

otto craig 11 months

are you getting sick of me saying i can’t believe my baby is “x” months old? well… brace yourself because i can’t believe my baby is over 11 months old and almost 1. i remember sitting on my bed where i am typing this now a year ago. 8.5 months pregnant sitting in my underwear […]

We finally got a mattress

as we celebrated our 9 years of marriage on june 13, it hit us that our mattress is also 9 years old. and much over due for a replacement. it was a nice bed and obviously lasted us this long but it was very worn in and had two big dips where each of us […]

allegan flea market haul

it is the last sunday of the month and that means the allegan flea and antique market! i get yelled at all the time because it’s technically allegan antique market but to be honest…it’s a hodgepodge. embrace it that just means there is fun to be had by all. if you missed it make sure […]