finally friday

hands down this is the most beautiful of beautiful summers that we have had in a long long time. i can’t believe that we have yet another hot sunny weekend forecasted here in michigan. i have three objectives this weekend 1.) paint at least half of patio furniture 2.) lay straw in garden (and rototill) […]

pool ideas

you guys…. we finally have the pool ready to open. one more night of vaccuming and almost a summer and a half of work… the pool shall be open for business! we spent all summer shocking the pool, dumping chemicals etc and could never get it opened up for swimming. at least not sanitary swimming. […]

garden progress

  for some reason this year my garden is under full force attack from weeds and deer. last year rabbits, this year deer. and as majestic as they are i would like to exterminate them for mowing down my squash, tomatoes and zinnias. i went out to snap these pics this morning and i found […]

pentwater bedroom lighting

ok so the first coat of paint is on and we of course have to fix the ceiling and add some trim but we… have no lights in this room other than the two lamps from target (that still have the tags on them). also please do not mind the pile of laundry on the […]

weekend recap

it’s torturous to return to work when you’ve had such a good weekend getting caught up around the house and you are so close to being done! i’m sure you are all sick of me complaining about mondays but i’m sorry i love my weekends. i’ll never be one of those people who is like […]

finally friday rooster edition

it’s finally friday. you would not know the weekend was here judging by the anarchy that has been happening in our chicken coop/barn. i was viciously attacked by a rooster last night and a rooster this morning. yes yes i am fine but the emotional damage will be hard to undo. lets start with last […]

pentwater progress

last weekend we went to spend our anniversary weekend in pentwater with all these plans to go to traverse city and what not. however we ended up staying around town and hanging out with friends and actually getting a little work done around the cottage. we only have a few more pieces of panel to […]

a few hours in nyc

to only have like 8 hours in nyc just isn’t really fair. i don’t think. i mean i know i’m here for work n all but i should at least get three days total. 1 to shop 1 to work and 1 to eat. but nope i had to condense travel, eat and shop all […]

Spring porch continued

last year we didn’t really utilize much of the front of the porch. the house faces the road and why not sit in the back yard where there is more privacy right? at least from cars driving by. however we have found that in the high heat of the day the front porch is the […]

weekend recap

we had great intentions to do a lot of things for our anniversary this weekend. we did like none of them. and that is ok. friday we took off the second the clock struck 5 from work and zipped up to pentwater for the weekend. we were going to stop by and grab dinner with […]

finally friday

it is finally friday! am i the only one who thought this week seemed absolutely eternal!?!? one of the worst feelings in the world is when you think it’s friday and it’s thursday. i had that all darn day yesterday. this weekend is going to be full of pentwater. we are heading out to hopefully […]


there was once a point in my life where the second i graduated form high school i was going to go to fashion school in NYC and live in the big city. i thought about that a lot last night as i straddled my big ass ram holding his legs from kicking so joe could […]