maple pecan muffins

with how busy life has been lately when i get a day off it calms my brain to just bake something. it relieves stress. i usually end up bringing them to the office and giving them away because i can’t handle baked goods lingering around my house. but the thing i love about baking is […]

weekend recap opening the found cottage

We did it! the found cottage has officially reopened and i cannot even put into words how incredibly grateful i am for all of you that came out to see us. it was a wonderful wonderful weekend and it felt like a big family reunion getting to see all of you. it was hard being […]

finally friday grand reopening edition

it’s finally here! weeks and weeks of preparation and pricing and staging and cleaning and displays and building and painting and it’s finally here! the found cottage grand reopening celebration is finally here! it has been so hard to be closed at the shop the past two weeks but we absolutely needed to be. there […]

A Short Guide To Opening a Shop

I call this a short guide because in the grand scheme of things there is so so so much you should know before opening a store but sometimes when you are in the thick of it you just don’t have time research every last detail. i am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but […]

coconut oatmeal raisin cookies

part of the fun of baking for me is spending time pouring over my cookbook collection finding recipes i haven’t made yet or books that have been neglected for the latest hot release. this past sunday i spent my afternoon “off” baking from two of my favorite sweet eats cookbooks of all time. the complete […]

farm life update rip peaches

well folks…… peaches finally got what was coming to him. he is no longer with us. i’m kind of sad, kind of not. peaches was a reall a$$hole of a rooster. he turned doing chores from being  relaxing and hanging out with my animals to a death defying man vs. animal obstacle course. and before we […]

weekend recap

this weekend i would pay my left arm right now just to have some warm summer air on my face. after this “arctic blast” we’ve had for the last week i think most of michigan would. the air has been so cold that the second you step outside your lips start to crack and your […]

finally friday found cottage moved

it’s finally friday. seriously for a 4 day work week this week has just crawled! maybe it’s because it’s been a sun up to sun down type of week. i leave my house in the dark to get my butt to the gym in time before big girl job after big girl job head to […]

2017 reader survey

would you like to take a survey? no seriously. i promise it’s only 7 really quick questions to help me gauge where to take this beast into 2017. over the years (since 2009) this blog has morphed and changed from being about my shopping addiction and a$$hole dog binks to a gal juggling two jobs, […]

moving the found cottage

if ever i post that we are thinking about moving the found cottage again…. please bombard the comment section with NO! now i didn’t say open a second location i said MOVING. guys… moving sucks. i thought moving my house was bad. try moving a shop. it’s insane. no matter how organized you try to […]

weekend recap back to the salt mines

yesterday was a long weekend holiday observance so i kind of just logged off and observed it. i’m telling you going back to work is hard after the holiday season and the two long weekends in a row. however it does feel great to be home and it is awesome to not have any major […]

finally friday sweet home alabama

this week went by super quick (again) joe and i left early early tuesday morning and made it to orange beach alabama by 8pm at night. pretty good drive time if i do say so myself. a few podcast series and wendy’s stops and we were in the warmer weather. it’s been a little cloudy […]