finally friday

Finally Friday

ah yes another friday is upon us. i can’t wait for the weekend to begin. i have been home perhaps one night this week and i’m anxious to get started on some home projects that have been tied up due to snow. now that nonsense is all melted away i can finally easily pull crap […]

abby’s book club month three

book club

good morning everyone! i hope you have been enjoying the book club choices as much as me it forces me to put down the technology and pick up a good ol fashion book. am i one of the last few that still buy books? i don’t think i could ever transition to an e reader… […]

#bestself2015 week 11


Hey friends! i’m back in vacation and i can’t believe this week as already gone by. time is (luckily for now) going so fast and we are getting closer and closer to spring! you’ll never guess what happened to me on vacation….. i lost 2 more lbs! who loses weight on vacation? i can promise […]

the return of the pantsuit

pant suit 4

the pant suit that came with me to st. martin  has made an appearance in florida. i’m telling you for $12 this little suit is earning it’s keep! it folds down to barely anything in your suit case, hang it up for a day or two to get rid of wrinkles and you have a complete outfit! […]

weekend recap

Beer Bread

after a slight delay in the orlando airport (thanks a lot delta) we finally made it home about 4 hours behind schedule. it was good to be home. there is nothing like sitting at the airport to make vacation seem over and home the winning choice over the pool. the vacation was good, relaxing and […]

finally friday

Finally Friday

it’s finally friday and unfortunately the last day of my vacation fortunately the first day of spring. winter is over! hopefully. if michigan lets it snow again i’m going to punch it in the crotch. yea you heard me. michigan you’ve been warned. so what have i been doing this week? it goes a little […]