21 again chicago style

no not me! well maybe i was for a little bit last night. last night my baby sister turned 21. shes almost 10 years younger than me and i cannot believe that she is officially an “adult” it’s just crazy! we decided to get out of a town on a sisters weekend to celebrate. where else but chicago!?

our original plan was nashville but with the holidays it was just too tight and joe ended up taking me for my birthday. so chicago was a good second pick. we left yesterday after my morning meetings at work and shopped pretty much all day. we went to the chicago outlets and finished up the last of our christmas shopping and well….more shopping for ourselves. we shopped at the outlets from about 1pm to around 6pm then grabbed a snack at the food court and headed to the oakbrook mall. it was so so so bitterly cold out we didn’t last too long there. (outside mall) after a full day of shopping we headed to the hotel downtown.

we stayed at my now go to hotel the godfrey. my friend adam used to work here and got me hooked. if you are coming to downtown chicago the godfrey is a great location from the downtown, the rates are always good and the rooms are comfy and clean.

ok back to our plans. so we got back to the hotel and rested our feet for a bit then got ready for dinner. we went to rpm italian for dinner and had pasta and the truffled garlic bread. omg. under normal circumstances you could walk there but because it was 0 degrees out (not being sarcastic) we sprung for the $4 uber. after dinner we were about 45 minute shy of midnight so we went back to the hotel and hung out there before going to probably the funnest bar i’ve been to in years (not counting anything in nashville haha). we went to three dots and a dash.

three dots and a dash was this cocktail bar that had an alley entrance lit by tiki torches and you go into the basement and down through this hall and it’s a full on tiki bar in downtown chicago. the decor and menu is so retro and the drinks were absolutly amazing. they serve cocktails big enough for 3-8 people so we shared a few 3 people drinks. the drinks came in a giant clam shell with hula people, umbrellas and fruit. the total tiki works. we hung out there until about 2am (miraculously) and went back to the hotel, crawled into our nice warm beds.

the rest of the girls are still sleeping as of now but soon we are going to head to little goat diner for breakfast and then head home. it was a fabulous little week getaway celebrating 21 years on earth of my best friend.

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