So I had a little bit of a rough day, but a call to the man, a pep talk to myself (I consider it therapeutic not crazy) and a brief stop at TJ Maxx near my apartment made it all better.
Last night I got a throw pillow (Ralph Lauren $3) and a picture frame ($2) they are having a super clearance sale.
So this is crazy: I had a dream last night that I worked in a Dilbert cartoon. I was the only real person and everyone else was a Dilbert character, including the pointy haired boss. So I thought maybe I could use this extremely odd dream for something useful. I am in the process of developing a change management plan for IT. We are going to reintroduce project management concepts and for someone in IT to actually take a change into consideration, it is going to take some work. I thought that maybe it would be fun to send out a video update in something similar to a Dilbert cartoon or “the office” make it cover a new tip in like a minute or so. It would be funny to watch so people would open it and then actually learn from it.
More to come.

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