about last night

you guys i had a girls night last night. it was wonderful it was fun i wore sequins… i felt like a human it was great. oh and i talked about otto the entire time. so there is that. i’ve said it a thousand million gagillion times. i love to get out but the second i’m in that car driving away my heart gets stretched back to wherever he is. joe and him had a guys night last night which basically was joe and otto snoozing off around 830 but who am i to judge?thanks spring sweet for letting me hang out in your flower cooler 

i went to celebrate the one year anniversary of my new friend Kate’s project/career/passion called living lark. there was a speakeasy (legit needed the password) and her special cocktails and the most beautiful vintage glassware ever. the wine glasses were delicate crystal with etched gold rims. it felt good to drink a fancy glass of wine with fancy friends. it also felt good to be huddled into a small room with some of the most intense creatives i know. it was just. refreshing.

i have to be honest with you these past two weeks i feel like have just been a blur. i’m running to appointments, cleaning up puke, working and again trying to savor the moments. i know myself and i know that i do most of this to myself but not getting your tasks completed is hard. but in the end it all works out. i’m working on a blog relaunch and changing some things up on here. taking some pressure off writing every day like i used to and my goal is 2-3 times a week. i have some fun passion projects that will be coming up and i can’t wait to tell you about them but in the meantime i’m still figuring everything out.

thank you again for all of your support. cheers to wednesday!


  1. Abbey I LOVE your writing. And you just pumped this out after last night-love that too. Cheers to nights out and hearts tugging us home always. And please can we just have ONE day where we complete our whole big list??

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening with fun images to match! Can’t wait to follow along for the re-launch!

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