About Abby


I’m sitting in what could be my new favorite coffee hideout wondering what to write about me…

This is the fourth maybe the fifth time i’ve tried to sit down and write this. There are so many sides to me, interests and hobbies… how do I capture my life in one page?

This is me trying.

Abby what she does:

By day I work at my family company in West Michigan. I work with my dad, brother, husband, aunt and cousins. So yes, it is a huge family affair. The company was started by my mom’s dad, Grandpa Hop in 1969 and now my dad, Craigy is the president. I handle all of the marketing, promotions and social media for the company. It is very funny because growing up I vowed I was never going to work there. I was going to move to NYC and become Carrie Bradshaw. However, once I got into the workforce I realized a lot of things J & H was lacking and how I could help. Thus began the transition into my families business.

In my spare time I run my own side business, Oh Abigail. This has molded and been reshaped over the past 5 years. I started out making necklaces from reclaimed vintage materials and that business was called Lb and Scotch after my dogs. (i’ll get to them later) from Lb and Scotch came my transition into a retail store called FOUND which was located in Holland, MI. I learned a lot a lot a lot about retail but the partnership eventually fizzled and it was time for me to move on. Once FOUND was done for me in August of 2013 I decided to go solo. Hence www.shopohabigail.com was launched. I bought a vintage camper, launched a website and sell at flea markets under the Oh Abigail name. Oh Abigail is primarily accessories and vintage finds. (Which can be found on my oh abigail Facebook page, flea markets, website and two spaces at Rebel Reclaimed in Grand Rapids, MI and Painted Farm Girl in Hudsonville, MI.

In my other spare time I run this blog, binksandthebadhousewife which is also a progression of 8 years of blogging.  first launched supershopgal in 2008 which primarily showcased sale alerts and shopping finds. Once I got married I started a second blog, Bad Dog Binks after my collie dog, Binks. As life got busier and busier I decided it was time to combine all into one. This launched Binks and the Bad Housewife in 2010. This blog (which you are at now) showcases all my hobbies, loves and interests. Food, Shopping, Life, Travel etc.


What Abby Likes to do:

Just as I have a stupid amount of business going on I have a stupid amount of hobbies.

There are a few major ones though, In addition to wine, cheese etc.

Gardening. I absolutely love to garden. growing up it seemed like such a chore.  In fact it was. Every day in the summer we had a chore list and weeding the garden was one of them. I hated going out there in the hot sun (because I usually procrastinated all day) and picking weeds. I hated bugs (and still do) but it’s different now. Gardening is different for me now. There are so few things in life that we see all the way through and a garden is one of them. I have been really into researching heirloom seeds and saving them from year to year. there is nothing more peaceful than harvesting fruit and vegetables that you started from seeds no bigger than a grain of rice.

Shopping: Pretty much my other form of relaxation. This girl LOVES to shop. it could be for vintage, it could be for housewares or clothing. Regardless, I love to shop. I pretty much love shopping as much as I hate grammar which if you haven’t noticed, i suck at. back on track! I love a good deal, I love sales, I love meeting people to shop. I just ahhhhh love it.

Food: I enjoy making it as much as I enjoy eating it. I love going to the farmers markets or my garden and picking out in season produce. I love talking to people who grow it. I have a sickening amount of cookbooks…i’m not kidding sickening. I could sit and read them for hours. And sometimes I do. I love trying new restaurants, I get fed emotionally when i meet people who are as passionate about food as I am. I am a better cook than I am baker but that doesn’t stop me from trying. My grandma Phyllis is an amazing cook and baker. She is the type of woman who can make anything out of nothing. She throws ingredients together and it always turns out. She even has owned two restaurants in her life time. She is my inspiration and I believe where I get a lot of my ambition.

Travel: This is something i’ve always done but only recently have I grown to appreciate it. I love visiting new and interesting places wither it be Napa Valley or Traverse City, MI. I love meeting new people, trying local food and shopping. Experiencing adventure. Thus far Sonoma has been my favorite place I have vacationed but a close second is Anguilla. Working at my families business has allowed me to go on some reward trips where I have met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences. This has only fueled my sense of adventure.

Who is Abby the person:

This is the tough one because as much as I am a vulnerable and emotional person I hate being vulnerable.

I would have to say that I am an honest person. I tell it like it is. I try to lay it out there without sugar coating. I have struggles I have successes and I don’t think I should just share one side of the story or life.

The rock in the center of my life of which everything is based on is my faith in God. It’s hard. It’s in transition, it’s ever evolving. It’s something i have to work for but it’s something I always believe. It’s hard because no matter what, I always believe in God but it’s not always easy to follow and live out what that means. Sometimes you don’t know what that means. Sometimes it’s hard to pray and sometimes it comes really naturally. Regardless, it’s there. He’s there.

I struggle a lot with the difference between discontentment and ambition. I’m always a person who is pushing to the next level, next day, next promotion but I forget a lot to slloooooow down. Enjoy the day. You’ll notice that a lot of my posts especially weekend ones say “friday already” i’m so busy getting through the day that i don’t take time to enjoy it. that is something i’m really working on.

I am a happily married lady, we celebrated five years of marriage together this spring. Joe (Joe the Dream Killer) is my other half, my balance and my best friend. We compliment each others personalities and characteristics. He’s a numbers guy (dream killer) and I’m a dreamer. but every now and then there is a full moon and I can get him to go along with one of my crazy ideas. We met in college during an event called “the pull” it is one of America’s longest running college traditions where the seniors coach the sophomores and the juniors coach the freshman in a giant tug o war across a river. I was a freshman and joe was a junior coach. go figure. i got cut the next year because “there was a lot of good girls that came out for the team and there just wasn’t room” AKA your dating a coach. na na na na boo boo jokes on them, we got married. sorry getting side tracked. We dated pretty much my second semester of my freshman year on. well until we got hitched. I’m surprised we did because he was a goody two shoes and i had a tendency to be a little bit of a wild child. At least my first semester. We went sledding on our first date and he got kicked in the face and broke his jaw. our first kiss his mouth was pretty much wired shut…But we made it through and here we are today!

We live in Allegan, MI about 35 minutes outside of Grand Rapids with our two collie dogs, Binks and Butters. Who are  a handful. Well…Binks is. Butters is an angel. Binks is kind of a dick. But I love them both. We just bought a farm out near Allegan/Martin on 12 acres. It has old barns, chicken coops, an old farmhouse. It is truly a dream come true. We hope to get some chickens and ducks and pigs and sheep and turkeys and cows and alpacas and elephants in the spring. ok maybe just like a few to start. and maybe not elephants.or alpacas. …getting sidetracked again.

ok so what does this all mean?

All of these factors are ingrained into my writing, my blog, my beloved life story. I so appreciate all of the support and encouragement that has got me to this point. I look forward to sharing more of my life and adventures with you.

Thanks for following along,

All my love,