allegan flea market haul

it is the last sunday of the month and that means the allegan flea and antique market! i get yelled at all the time because it’s technically allegan antique market but to be honest…it’s a hodgepodge. embrace it that just means there is fun to be had by all. if you missed it make sure you sign up for my email list. i send you flea alerts and reminders so you never miss a good midwest market. this month it was a bit smaller than normal probably due to a few shows down south going on but there was still treasure to be had.


my collections are borderline starting to get out of control but if the price is too right… i have to have it. my jadeite and linen cupboard is bursting open i couldn’t resist this slightly chipped jadeite measuring bowl for $3.50. i mean COME ON. that is basically free right? i have been strangely drawn lately too to these handmade primitive bowls. the shape and stone are so beautiful that if they are under $10-$20 depending on size they are coming home with me. i found this cream one for $17 and the blue for $20 and got them both for $30.

i added to my trophy collection big time this weekend but these little trophys were $10 each! the big pewter one is a fourth of july holiday celebration from the early 1900’s. i had to have it.

i don’t like to play favorites but this trophy vase here might be my favorite find of the weekend. it’s not a loving cup which is what i usually limit myself to as to not get insane out of control but this is from the late 1800’s and it’s a racing trophy for fifth place. it’s silver and tarnished and engraved and gorgeous. i sat in the booth for about 10 minutes studying it going “abigail what are you doing, you’ll be so sad if you leave this here” and the man selling it gave me a bundle deal with another trophy so it came home with me. i loved the booth that i found this in. he had so many odd things that i just loved to sit and study. it’s fun to get to talk to the sellers and hear where they are from. this gentleman only sells at allegan once a year because he is visiting family. otherwise he lives out east. regardless, congrats dude you sold me my favorite find of the weekend.


i found a few other treasures like these $10 clay pots and a flour canister that i left behind last month. i know i know i don’t need any of these things but you know what? antiquing is a fun hobby and when you set a budget the hunt becomes super fun and a great way to spend a morning outside.

again if you are in the midwest and want to be reminded of flea markets make sure you sign up here! there is a great line up for july and i’ll be putting together the calendar soon!


  1. Abby I enjoy seeing your special finds and how you display them. I have to say, those wine glasses in your photo are beautiful! That wine bottle is stunning too. Stay cool in this Michigan heat. Even still, MI summers are the best.

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