alone time

yesterday morning i had about an hour and  half before i had to leave for the airport so rather than sit in my hotel room and wait i went for a walk with a book in search of breakfast. it was my last moments in california and i wanted to soak it up because who knows if and when i’d ever go back to san diego. isn’t that the weird thing of travel? you never know if this will be your last time in this part of the world. there are so many places to go and see it’s hard to find one you would go back to twice. (unless it’s california wine country that is the one place  i would go back to every time).
alone timerarely RARELY do i take time for myself in the morning to eat breakfast sitting down let alone read a book. i had been up since 4am (CA time) and had been on top of my emails and work so i took a book and walked a mile from my hotel to little italy. (which by the way, became one of my favorite spots to hang out there). i grabbed breakfast at this little restaurant picked purely because of the amazing black and white checked seats.

it was pretty quiet because i’m guessing that not many normal life people have time to grab breakfast on a tuesday at 9am. i sat there for about 5 minutes reading my book until the waitress brought me coffee. she apologized profusely for the “long wait”. i said no problem at all i have time. i sat there and drank my coffee for about 20 minutes until my pumpkin pancake arrived. again she apologized profusely for the timeliness of said pancake. had i been on my way somewhere (like the airport in a hurry) i would have been a little annoyed but i had one entire hour until i had to be some where.

there are a few things i noticed about the morning. 1.) everyone sitting there eating their breakfast was with a group of friends or co workers laughing and enjoying the sunshine  or privately reading the paper or a book (like moi). i couldn’t help but think… man it feels good to be a little screen free for a bit. to let your brain quiet down, recharge and think. i was reading an exceptional book that even made me forget for a little bit where i was.
alone 2

as my time came to a close i started the walk back to the hotel to grab my suitcase. i took the walk around the harbor way back with each step taking my closer home. i love my home in fact since moving i get more and more homesick each time i leave. but i was left wondering why we don’t put ourselves in little time outs like this throughout the weeks/months at home. i know it’s easier to get distracted with home chores, work, weeds, obligations but just timing yourself out for hour really really recharged me. in my brain i felt like i was on one of those ski lifts bracing myself for the plane to land and for me to hit the ground running (which let’s face it sometimes we have to do). but it wouldn’t kill anyone to just lose one planned hour of time for yourself.


  1. I love this. I had this exact same feeling a couple of weeks ago on the plane. I was able to finish a book that I have been working on for months, and it felt amazing to not have the screens on and to be able to just escape for a while.

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