behind the barn

last weekend i went to check out the sheep and just take a little walk behind the barn and yard etc before it started to snow again. we have these two half barns behind the large barn in the back by the field that are currently piled up with wood. the giant stumps were dropped off on accident. what i mean by that is we had a tree cut down at one of the job sites and we said we would take the wood. well….they dropped off an entire tree…. in our back yard. so we’ve been slowly chipping away at it to use in our wood stove to supplement the propane heat. we are getting down to the last few stumps (2 years later) and the area will hopefully start clearing up by spring.

i thought it would be so cool to turn this into another hang out. i don’t know why i think we need another hang out at our house but i thought this would be an awesome place to put an outdoor movie area. nothing super fancy just a projector and a sheet screen hung on one of the brick walls and some fun seating underneath the awnings of the building. it would even be cool to string patio lights from one awning to another.

i don’t know maybe it’s just wishful thinking but it’s such a great spot on the farm and has such a beautiful view of the back hayfield i would hate to do nothing with it. suddenly my summer project list is getting very very very long. perhaps i should stick to indoor projects while it’s still winter…


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