being 30

well i woke up this morning to a new decade. my third one to be exact. 3rd decade for some reason sounds better than 30 to me. i have never been one of those people that loses their minds over getting older. except for that one time on my 21st birthday after a night out with jack daniels i bawled that “my next big birthday was 30”. honestly that feels like yesterday and that is what is freaking me out. not the growing older. time. time just flying by.
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i think back to my early 20’s and how everything was only about the weekends, the next day, the next trip, the next meal. i never focused on the here the now the present. it’s so hard to be present in this day and age. were obsessed with screens, social, the next big thing that we don’t focus on the here and now. when is the last time i said. thank God it’s tuesday? and really took the time to enjoy that tuesday? it’s easier said than done.
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the 20’s were a wild ride. i graduated college, got married, bought a house, sold a house, switched jobs, opened a store, closed a store, opened another store, bought a farm, raised pigs, experienced births of nieces and nephews, experienced loss of both friends, grandparents and our first baby. the 20’s was an absolute wild ride. all this while trying to navigate who you really are. and quite frankly, i think that is something you will always trying to be figuring out. it just might be a little easier with the stability of 30’s? can someone who has gone before confirm or deny this?
30 birthday free people outfit

i’m grateful to be 30 today. i have a home that i miss (currently we are on the road home from tennessee), a business with partners i love, a job with coworkers i love, solid wonderful thoughtful friends, a wonderful loving family and the worlds absolute best husband (who this morning told me i was pretty sexy for a middle aged woman). (that did not go over well lol).

so cheers to the next decade! to slowing down and savoring tuesdays.

30 birthday free people outfit

shoes: stuart weitzman
jeans: rag and bone
top: free people sold out similar here
clutch: kate spade
lipstick: nars vesuvio

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