#bestself2015 week 5

Holland Farmers Market

week 5 folks!

how are you doing? i am happy to say that i made it back from dallas and didn’t gain a pound. and i have to admit i was quite astonished.

i am someone who explores via eating while i’m traveling or on vacation. the perks of being on a business trip are having the ability at night to check out the local grub and sites.

i was in dallas all last week at a convenience store convention. let me tell you what happens at these. lots of “health bars”, mountain dew, energy samples, roller grill new items, convenience pizza, chocolate, new candy items…. all day i kept my eye on the prize (with the exception of all you could drink starbucks double shots and diet mountain dews). i tried to stay away from samples, i know what they taste like. oh well i guess if the place had a huge line and everyone was raving about it then i did.

i went to the gym every morning. i couldn’t sleep anyway and i knew i either wanted some big hunk of meet at night, fried chicken, tacos, etc. so i went to the gym and worked for about 30 – 45 mintues. it was actually quite convenient. how convenient to have a gym at a convenience store conference in a convenient location.

i honestly was a little shocked that i didn’t gain but it comes to show that you have to watch those little samples and bites that sneak their way in!

so what is on the agenda this week? alot.

i ordered three new cookbooks about vegan, cutting out sugar and detox. now by no means am i going to go vegan. lets be clear here i’m a meat eatin gal. but i need to start getting more veggies into my diet during the day and not just at night. so i am hoping for some inspiration.

Healthy Cookbooks

i went to the holland winter market this past saturday and stocked up on raw honey, apples and other delicious root veggies. okay okay and some cheese. and some delicious dried beans.

i’m also on day 3 of no coffee. yes. no coffee. i have been drinking tea. telling myself that i like it. i’ve been reading alot about how drinking coffee in the morning can cause you to crash in the afternoon and i thought eh why not.

what have you been up to this week? any life changing finds? any goals met?

just a reminder! we meet here tomorrow to discuss our first “book club” it was me all along.

can’t wait!

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