weekend recap family time

i know what now distinguishes the weekends from the weekdays. joe being home. seriously it makes such a difference when that man is home that it just makes things so much easier around here. someone to share the feedings, changings etc… also someone to be around so i can get out of the house and […]

no safe assumptions

this is something that has been weighing on me pretty much since we had our miscarriage about two years ago and now into having kids. it’s the assumption that everyone else has/had it so much easier than you. when we miscarried i would catch myself being jealous or snarky that the people who were due […]

otto updated growing up!

i know my blog has been a bit sporadic and when i do post it’s usually about the tiny love dictator that robs us of all sleep but melts our hearts all at the same time… but that is seriously 90% of my life right now. sure in between feedings, poo poo changes and pumping […]

weekend recap the found cottage mercantile market

oh long weekend thank you for being long. i feel like i have so many amazing things to cram into this post because so many amazing amazing things have happened this weekend. like, i don’t even know where to begin. probably with the mercantile market. because that has consumed almost all of the weekend and […]

The Found Cottage Mercantile Market

in between pumping and feedings and diaper changes we at the shop have been working all summer on one of the most amazing mercantile markets i’ve ever seen. and…. it’s coming up this weekend (friday and saturday). i cannot believe the amazing artists, boutiques and pickers we have coming from all over the states to […]

otto one month

my baby is one month old. technically little otto was one month on sunday but we believe in celebrating for days. time seems to have flown by but been so slow at the same time. i look back and i can’t really imagine life how it was without him. i think i’ve learned more about […]

weekend recap ottos first penthouse trip

the only distinction for me right now between the week and weekend is having papa joe home with us. the days just seem to blur together and just like that otto turned a month old this weekend. joe and i decided it was time to get out of the house which is easier said than […]

ottos favorite registry items

registering for a baby is hard when you’re a new mom that really doesn’t have a clue of what you actually need for a baby. in all reality you need diapers, wipes and bottles. but there are things that make the winding streets of the mother hood easier to navigate around. i read countless mommy […]

otto update back to the cardiologist

yesterday we packed up our car and headed back to grand rapids to meet with our cardiologist for otto. our last appointment was two weeks ago and we had an ekg and an echo stat. yesterday we just had the ekg and a check up. this time otto was not as friendly with the nurse […]

the rest of the house

we’ve been slowly chipping away at this house now for what will be three years this labor day weekend. sometimes i look back and the progress seems so slow but we made an intentional decision to not just “quick get the house done” and take our time, see how we utilize the rooms and work […]