Five things to talk about

it’s crazy to think that in 2009 i was newly married and started this little blog and was mostly about shopping. this little corner of the internet has grown and changed and morphed over the years just as i have. every few years i do a complete overhaul of the site. this version is going […]

about last night

you guys i had a girls night last night. it was wonderful it was fun i wore sequins… i felt like a human it was great. oh and i talked about otto the entire time. so there is that. i’ve said it a thousand million gagillion times. i love to get out but the second […]

easy espresso hot fudge recipe

i feel a little ironic writing about a hot fudge recipe the day after my son $hit all over me at the hospital check in. i’m sorry also that i’m about to tell the poo poo story before i write about food but meh, real life right? so yesterday we had our check in with […]

otto craig 7 month update

i can’t believe it. my baby is 7 months old. i think i say that every month but i just can’t believe how fast and slow time goes at the same time. this past month we have made so many changes and steps and new milestones it’s unreal. i feel like things are just going […]

weekends on the farm

i think it takes just a really really bad weekend to make you appreciate and savor the good ones. two weeks ago it was horrible. i had the flu, otto had surgery, we had no hot water. .. i almost don’t want to say it out loud that we had a good weekend for fear […]

how to build a weekly meal plan

one of the things that has got me through this eternal winter as we hide out from cold and flu season is cooking at home. joe and i cook at home almost every night and there are a few tips and tricks to keep it seamless and most important on time. i can’t eat at […]

a weekend of hibernation

this was yet another weekend of hibernation. which it’s quickly becoming a season of hibernation. but after getting the flu and feeling how long it takes just to even feel like 90% better i have no desire for anyone else in my family especially otto to come down with this gross sickness. luckily i was […]

friday flu style

i think i am safe to say that i am nearing the end of my flu journey. hopefully it’s the only flu journey of 2018. i managed to make it until mid february so i’d say we’ve had a decent run? i honestly can’t tell you the last time i haven’t left my home in […]

trialed and tested

to say that we’ve been trialed and tested this week is a vast and gross understatement. we haven’t had a week like this since the bat episodes in the fall. let me just give you a run down of what we’ve been dealing with over here at the farm last week friday night our boiler […]

our first trip to the er

the groceries have been bought, the house had been cleaned and we were ready for a weekend of hibernation and then a day away. we were going to watch the olympics friday and saturday and then joe and i were going to have a day away to the east side to do adult things. you […]