finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]

killer coffee cake

i friggin love coffee cake. i love biscotti, i love bundt cake and i love coffee cake. i also love magazines. wait what? i’m a cooking/baking/seasonal magazine hoarder. i love the big beautiful pictures and the glossy pages. loooooooove them. i was so geeked when i saw that King Arthur Flour came out with yet […]

weekend recap and happy waffle day!

it’s monday..again. but hey! it’s national waffle day so it’s a reason to celebrate right? let’s start with the weekend recap and then we will transition into a waffle day recipe. let’s rewind back to friday. i headed up to pentwater later in the afternoon after a customer appreciation event and worked from a coffee […]

lemon blueberry scones

here is what i have learned about summer. summer is as precious as the bountiful berries and fruit that it produces. they do not last long. i talked to some farmer men at the holland market wednesday morning and they said we have about 2 weeks of blueberries left. i refrained from loading my car […]

Great about Grains

I have been wanting to write this post forever!!!! i have been tweaking and perfecting this recipe for a few weeks and i finally think i have it down. i was so excited when i was asked to experiment with the new Great Grains Banana Nut Crunch that i had a really hard time making […]

#bestself2015 week 26

we have reached the halfway point of #bestself2015! 26 weeks down 26 weeks to go! i actually had a really good week health wise. i have been working outside like crazy and the garden has been producing so many veggies that it’s been hard to keep up just to eat them all. i have been […]

simple berry dessert

it’s not a secret that i love checking out all the local farmers markets. i have told you this before but i have a tendency  to turn into a bit of a berry hoarder. i freak out that the seasons are so short! cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… they do not last that long here. so […]

from the garden

i’m on a bit of a garden kick this week. it’s just been going so good! i think this seriously, the best garden i have ever had in terms of produce. the best part of having a garden (other than eating what you’ve grown) is cooking roulette. you never know what is going to be […]

in the hills of tuscany

yesterday felt like a true vacation day. what do i mean by that… i’ve been gone for over a week right? it was a day where we sat back and just let things happen and let the day take us where it wanted us to go. yesterday we met the other couple staying at the […]

pineapple easy cake

this recipe is a result of a discontinued juice cleanse, not wanting to go to the grocery store on easter and not being in the mood to bake. usually when i try to bake under these harsh circumstances.. it doesn’t turn out. i firmly believe that when you bake you have to do so with […]

Caramel Apple Peanut Butter Pie

yes. you read that title correctly. what i have for you today is a recipe for a caramel apple peanut butter pie that is sure to blow your mind. i know that i keep saying that i’m more of a savory person over sweet but i got to tell you that i’ve had a cake/cookie/pie/lemon […]

Mocha Cookie Cake

i cheated on valentines day. no no not on joe duh, on my diet. but just a little bit. and just a little bit for a little bit of this cake. this cake…. is not like any other cake. this cake is like pure heaven. it’s everything i want in a cake. not as rich […]