abby in chicago

sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. i just needed a day to get out of town (at least my town) and clear my head. no phone, no work, just breathe a bit and get inspired. i don’t know if you remember last year but i was such a scrooge and i am bound and […]

brown butter butternut pasta

sometimes you just need a quick dinner for one.. or two. just because joe signs up for every extra activity under the sun doesn’t mean i’m not going to have a nice meal. i FINALLY stopped at the new local epicurean off of division. i know ! i know! i used to go there all […]

where i’ve been wednesday: silverberry kitchen

one of the perks of my job is that i can usually park myself wherever i want to to work. when you work with your dad and your husband and your brother sometimes it’s hard to focus and get stuff done. that is when i usually escape to a coffee shop for the day and […]