the best blueberry muffins

anytime i’ve ever made muffins they never turn out as awesome as the giant big as your head ones you could get at a bakery. i always followed instructions filled it to the appropriate line in the ban and only ever got muffins the size of my palm. sunday….. i broke the rules. (GASP!) i […]

roasted veggie pasta

ok so i’m not on a diet. but i am really working hard at tracking my eating habits via my fitness pal and trying to stay within my calorie range as well as my macros. which is a lot to manage i feel? not only do you have to watch your calories but fat, carbs, […]

homemade limoncello recipe

maybe it has been the ridiculously cold and late snowy and rainy weather we’ve been having in west michigan that has me craving something citrusy and tart and something anything that reminds me of summer. i have never been in to lemon but within the past few years i’ve really appreciated the “palate cleansing” properties […]

how to build a simple cheese plate

i love cheese.  i love a good cheese plate. sometimes i tend to go way overboard with cheese and cheese plates and sides and relishes and etc. it’s very very easy to get carried away when building a cheese plate. usually because everything looks so good and i can’t decide what direction to go with […]

delicious brunch strata

brunch is good for me. brunch is most likely good for you. wither it’s going out or staying in i love a good solid brunch. usually i prefer a bit of egg with my brunch but sometimes (like this past weekend) i lean more towards the lunch in brunch. anyway. i have a whole library […]

just your basic oatmeal cookie

i’m not a prized baker like my grandma is. my grandma phyllis can whip up these amazing desserts no recipe needed (which is a pain when you want this recipe). this one time, i will never forget she made this baked pineapple thing with crushed potato chips on top that sounds super weird but was […]

rosemary breakfast potatoes

this weekend i finally busted out my new brunch at bobby’s cookbook. i bought it when it first came out but had no time or energy to really prepare my own brunch so this weekend when we decided to hermit up i decided to go for it. i’m not much of a breakfast potato gal. […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]

ooey gooey pumpkin pie bars

ok in my defense i made these bars before i committed to losing the rest of the lbs (hence yesterdays post) but one of my favorite holiday desserts is pumpkin pie. i love a good warm pumpkin pie topped with a cinnamon whipped cream. ah it’s to die for. my family doesn’t really care for […]

killer coffee cake

i friggin love coffee cake. i love biscotti, i love bundt cake and i love coffee cake. i also love magazines. wait what? i’m a cooking/baking/seasonal magazine hoarder. i love the big beautiful pictures and the glossy pages. loooooooove them. i was so geeked when i saw that King Arthur Flour came out with yet […]

healthy thanksgiving

it’s week 41 of our best self 2015 challenge! and guess what it is also…. the brink of holiday season! i almost love thanksgiving more than i love christmas. i love thanksgiving food. i do however though, hate how it’s so easy to pack on the lbs during the stretch from thanksgiving to christmas. […]

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! we are back to feeling like summer here in the mitten. i’m not going to lie to you, that breif hiatus from the heat made me ready for boots and sweaters. i even lit a pumpkin candle. don’t hate. i did a ton of stuff this weekend. no joke. friday my friend […]