pineapple easy cake

this recipe is a result of a discontinued juice cleanse, not wanting to go to the grocery store on easter and not being in the mood to bake. usually when i try to bake under these harsh circumstances.. it doesn’t turn out. i firmly believe that when you bake you have to do so with […]

Caramel Apple Peanut Butter Pie

yes. you read that title correctly. what i have for you today is a recipe for a caramel apple peanut butter pie that is sure to blow your mind. i know that i keep saying that i’m more of a savory person over sweet but i got to tell you that i’ve had a cake/cookie/pie/lemon […]

bourbon baked beans

let’s talk about the magical fruit for a bit shall we? i love my veggies, i have never had a problem trying new veggies. i’ve recently been experimenting with all sorts of legumes. (pre juice cleanse) (which this is my last day on it!) legumes have a mixed reputation on the health front. some nutritionist […]

Mocha Cookie Cake

i cheated on valentines day. no no not on joe duh, on my diet. but just a little bit. and just a little bit for a little bit of this cake. this cake…. is not like any other cake. this cake is like pure heaven. it’s everything i want in a cake. not as rich […]

Shrimp Puffs with Beer Cheese

i have spoken of her greatness before. i. love. the beeroness. all of her recipes (desserts, app’s, meat, vegetarian) are all about incorporating craft beers. i made these shrimp puffs for a christmas party earlier this year but i thought now would be an excellent time to share with the pending football festivities we are […]

lamb and feta lasagna

it’s been a while since i posted a recipe huh? i made this a couple weeks ago and have had a lot of people as me for the recipe. it was really. really good. and the best part? it was from cooking light magazine! for once piece it is under 400 calories and makes a […]

brown butter butternut pasta

sometimes you just need a quick dinner for one.. or two. just because joe signs up for every extra activity under the sun doesn’t mean i’m not going to have a nice meal. i FINALLY stopped at the new local epicurean off of division. i know ! i know! i used to go there all […]