christmas dining room

if each room was getting a theme for christmas then this christmas dining room would be called “blue christmas”. i didn’t really have a plan for this room i just know i wanted to do something with velvet and a white tree. the rest just kind of came together from there. i found this little […]

christmas bedroom

it’s time for christmas to be here. i have officially decided. all of my decorations have been up (which i’m glad i started early this year) and i’m ready for everyone to open the gifts i got them this year. i’m still waiting on 4 gifts to come in the mail that i ordered on […]

colorful christmas lounge

we got more snow. and by more snow i mean, a ton more inches of snow. last night the drifts were so big that part of our entire fence was covered in snow. the sheep were like ummm no this is not working for us. joe and i had a mid week date night last […]

Christmas Entryway

let the holiday festivities begin! let’s start with the entryway shall we? i spent probably three weeks decorating my house for christmas (not solid there were week long breaks in between). and i feel i am finally done and ready to share some of the decor i put up. while i could have kept going […]

pre holiday house tour entryway

before we get to the entryway let us chat a bit about the a$$hole rooster in my life. i did chores for one of the last times before i have that rooster offed. i went out to do chores yesterday morning and all i have to do is get hay for the sheep and a […]

pre holiday house tour cocktail lounge

i have moved a million large cabinets in my life. out and about i have lifted dressers into my truck by myself, loaded a dolly with a pie safe and hoisted into the back of judy my pickup truck. i have never ever ever felt the “weight” of doing such things. last night i went […]

pre holiday house tour living room

this living room has got me in a bit of a design pickle. i am loving how it is coming together. we painted everything in here green, added the plaid carpet and painted the fireplace black (tile paint). i would eventually love to add some marble to the fireplace but that is for another day. […]

pre holiday house tour dining room

ok second room of the week for the pre holiday house tour is the dining room! I haven’t really changed much up here with the exception of my table decorations. i don’t know why i love doing that so much i think it’s because it allows me to be creative without moving a bunch of […]

pre holiday house tour bedroom

for the past few weeks on and off i’ve been putting up decorations pretty much on every square inch of my house. like i said before i’m not going to burn myself out with marathon decorating. i just want to hang up ornaments when i’m in the mood and when i get tired of it […]

bette midler

as work continues on our house i find that finishing up little projects here and there before we start tackling an entire room. i was on my way to chicago with a friend two years ago and we randomly stopped at this antique store in michigan city. there is a guy there that has a […]

another office update

ok so i know i just posted about this room last week but i finally caved and started hanging some of my paint by number collie collection. that is right folks. i finally started putting holes in the wall. i thought since i hung photos and put a rug down it was time for another […]

vintage horse trophy

i love that once a room is painted it creates a fresh new canvas to start decorating. when we moved in we left a lot of the paint colors as is so we could get a feel for the house and get inspired as we go rather than just slapping a bunch of paint on […]