another office update

ok so i know i just posted about this room last week but i finally caved and started hanging some of my paint by number collie collection. that is right folks. i finally started putting holes in the wall. i thought since i hung photos and put a rug down it was time for another […]

vintage horse trophy

i love that once a room is painted it creates a fresh new canvas to start decorating. when we moved in we left a lot of the paint colors as is so we could get a feel for the house and get inspired as we go rather than just slapping a bunch of paint on […]

upstairs office

this saturday i had a massive decluttering event in the upstairs bedroom/office. the upstairs north side of the house has three bedrooms and a bathroom and i claimed one of them for my office. most work takes place now either at the shop or in the store but non the less it’s a place for […]

cocktail lounge update

this room needed a little finishing touch (still needs more) but for a while there was no pillows then there was pillows that i just had but didn’t really go and some random clutter on the coffee table. it just didn’t have any curated pieces in it with the exception of the furniture. last weekend […]

Farmhouse Entry Renovation

well folks… after three coats of paint the entry way to the farmhouse is FINALLY painted and somewhat done (there will always be changes). if you can remember the walls use to be a pretty blue but I really wanted to freshen it up a bit. i chose a benjamin moore dove white and i […]

weekend recap home work edition

what a relaxing weekend! it was nice to be a part of the “stay home club” this weekend. well… kind of. i tackled a lot of home projects but also spent a lot of time on the road hunting for some key pieces. some things i found…others…the search continues. i kicked off the weekend with […]

finally friday home work edition

it’s funny how the term home work takes on a new meaning when you are out of school. my project list this weekend is long as i have seriously nothing scheduled and it’s going to be fantastic. i am going to tackle this house and keep the momentum going with my home projects. thank God […]

kitchen inspiration

joe and i have made a resolution to stay on top of things in this house and keep and continue to nip away at projects week after week (probably until the day we die). this summer we focused on outdoors; pool, garden, yard, front landscaping..with the mentality that once the weather turns we will start […]

flea finds

lately you guys… i have been having just meh finds at the flea markets i’ve been to. last weekends was terrible. i drove like 3 hours to find a wire rack and a small table. more and more people are trying to pass off new items as “vintage” and “antique”. look, there is nothing wrong […]

simple fall centerpiece

i do not like halloween. never have, never will. i don’t decorate for halloween i don’t dress up anymore for halloween i just don’t like it. it’s not my holiday. (thanksgiving now THAT is my holiday). i love fall and i love fall decor i just don’t like halloween decor. i mean really? why on […]

early fall porch decor

last week i finally took down all of my summer items. well, because it wasn’t summer anymore but mostly because i let all the plants under the porch dry up and die. it was time for them to be replaced. plus i was ready for pumpkins with all of the adorable stuff making it’s way […]

simple fall apple centerpiece

remember those computer issues i was crying about yesterday? i think mr. i.t. man finally fixed them. i was out of memory on my computer (don’t ask me how, maybe it was the 7,000 pictures). but it is finally working. for the record i never said i was a tech guru. it is what it […]