weekend recap

you know all of that stuff we were going to get done at pentwater this weekend? we did none of it. yep. none of it. sometimes though… that’s ok. friday i had a great day at work. i went to the farmers market before work and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies that i […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday. although i feel like i should label this post – it’s already friday? this weekend is all about working on pentwater. we have some projects lined up for the little place primarily to do with the lights and the walls. we are so close to being finished with the actual walls that […]

pentwater progress

this weekend we are heading up to pentwater to have a nice long work weekend. i know this doesn’t look like much but considering we had no interior siding or insulation…. or electric when we purchased the place this is a long way. what we’ve done so far: insulated the interior rewired all of the […]

West Elm is Here!

you guys….. gone are the days where i have to drive to the east side of the state or chicago to get me some west elm inspiration. they are now officially open in our backyard (if you live in grand rapids). my buddy liz and i got the full tour from our new friend Dru […]

weekend recap

for some reason this weekend seemed longer than memorial day weekend? not sure why. maybe because i crammed more in? (if that’s possible) friday night on my way home from work i stopped in at my uncles house who lives not far from us and chatted about garden stuff and how to work with clay […]

finally friday

it’s finally the weekend right? ever feel like sometimes you look forward to a holiday weekend so much you are like… wait it really is friday right? we. are. going. to. pentwater. i simply cannot cannot wait. cannot wait. CAN NOT WAIT we both unfortunately have meetings that are going to take us right up […]

pentwater is getting siding!

remember our little humble abode up in pentwater michigan? she is getting new siding! YES new siding AND real windows. after much deliberation it was time to just pay someone and get it done. we’ve owned the place for almost 3 years and it’s just one of those things that needs to be done by […]