early fall porch decor

last week i finally took down all of my summer items. well, because it wasn’t summer anymore but mostly because i let all the plants under the porch dry up and die. it was time for them to be replaced. plus i was ready for pumpkins with all of the adorable stuff making it’s way […]

simple fall apple centerpiece

remember those computer issues i was crying about yesterday? i think mr. i.t. man finally fixed them. i was out of memory on my computer (don’t ask me how, maybe it was the 7,000 pictures). but it is finally working. for the record i never said i was a tech guru. it is what it […]

painting wood

i’m going to paint some wood in the pink bathroom/entryway. there i said it. i know it’s going to be controversial but with the wallpaper i want to hang it just needs to be painted. i tried to fight it, i tried to work around it but it just has to be done. my friend […]

bedroom updates

you know what the least expensive update to any room is (in my opinion) ? pillows. i love pillows. i love pillows on my bed, on the floor, on the couch… i love pillows. i also love the concept of inserts and interchangeable covers. that way you can change them out seasonably/ mood wise and […]

slip covered sofa couch

so my living room is a big long rectangle room guys. it’s 17×25 with two doors going out to the deck and a big opening that goes into the parlor (or cocktail lounge) and it needs big furniture to anchor it down. this could really quickly turn into a furniture flea if i’m not careful. […]

living room flooring

so i did something drastic… if you recall the living room was the only downstairs flooring that didn’t have wood it was a gray shag style carpet. it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really my style and the first thing i wanted to do was rip it out. we got a quote from river valley […]

living room chairs

ok so i pulled the trigger and officially ordered carpet for the living room and I can’t wait to show you what i decided to go with. warning…. it’s drastic. and some people are going to hate it. but it’s joe and i and he loved it sooooooooo can’t wait. we need more furniture for […]

screen room update

this house is very seasonal. it’s funny how in the winter we migrate to three rooms bedroom, kitchen, living room. when it’s summer it’s bedroom, patio, screen room. the screen room by far stays one of the coolest rooms in the house because it circulates air well and has low hanging fans. it’s pretty toasty […]

pentwater bedroom lighting

ok so the first coat of paint is on and we of course have to fix the ceiling and add some trim but we… have no lights in this room other than the two lamps from target (that still have the tags on them). also please do not mind the pile of laundry on the […]

Spring porch continued

last year we didn’t really utilize much of the front of the porch. the house faces the road and why not sit in the back yard where there is more privacy right? at least from cars driving by. however we have found that in the high heat of the day the front porch is the […]

cottage copper lighting

i am always skeptical about ordering from sites i’ve never heard of. i knew that when we put the dark siding i wanted something shining for the lighting to really pop against that gunmetal gray. i googled “outdoor copper lighting” and about halfway down the google page i found the lights i needed. like needed. […]

design conundrum

i love the word conundrum. i don’t love being in a design conundrum. in my early to mid 20’s i had a distinct style and taste (in addition to a faster metabolism) however as i am approaching 30 (ugh) i am noticing that my tastes in both home and clothing have toned down (as my […]