cottage sofas under $1000

ok so our tiny little cottage in pentwater needs a sofa. (it also needs more walls, insulation and some plumbing work but…) sofas are more fun. the house is very small about 7-800sq feet so we need it to fit within a tiny living room. i’m also debating between pull out or not… i never […]

Farmhouse Entry

Ok so we are off to a somewhat normal morning i guess you could say. all of our animals are walking and seemingly back to optimal health. i have to say yesterday was a scary day. I didn’t like it one bit. and i also didn’t really care for being forced to get over my […]

simple table centerpiece

i went a little overboard with my table arrangement around the holidays… i went a little overboard with all the plaid over the holidays lol. but it’s that transitional time where we still have a few cold days but then a pop of 80. after the holidays i don’t know about you but i feel […]

cocktail lounge curtains

i so wish i was one of those people who can renovate a house in five minutes. i’m not. and i’m learning more and more each day that i’m not. i have said it a million times i have the hardest time pulling the trigger on things. paint colors, couches, furniture, curtains… i could go […]

gallery wall

ok so we are going on day 2 of no hot water and no heat. and now just received word that we will be going on to day 3. may God have mercy on us. the boiler as previously noted went kaput sunday night and will not reignite. repair man says wednesday afternoon. we say… […]

vintage pink cupboard

it’s one of those weeks. you know where you stand in front of your closet full of clothes and have nothing to wear. things are too tight, too baggy, too long, too short. so you end up in leggings (again) and a long sweater draped over another sweater (again) boots (again) and out the door […]

jadeite on parade

i’m not a hoarder… i’m a collector. i’m a collector of vintage table clothes, pyrex, hazel atlas pink dishes, ceramic collies, paint by numbers, wool plaid blankets, plaid metal coolers and jadeite. hey everything has it’s place right!? my jadeite shelves were starting to fill up so i had to make room. heaven forbid i […]

farmhouse kitchen

the farmhouse kitchen will most likely be the last room in the house we make it to. mostly because kitchens are SO stinking expensive. we don’t need to replace any cabinets or things like that. it is mostly sink, tile and lighting. so it won’t be as bad as it could be (unless we decide […]

magnolia market

yesterday….i got to go to magnolia market. it was amazing. it was everything i expected it to be. it was beautiful and i have never been into a store where i walked in and felt like every piece gave me an insight on who that person was. yesterday at the conference we spent the morning […]

mix and match table setting

i love throwing dinner parties. brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktail etc it gives me an excuse to buy all the ridiculous plates and glassware that i love to hoard so much. i use to think that i needed to buy 8 of everything (because you know i have so many parties of 8 over for dinner). […]

new living room color

so a while back i was deliberating about what color to paint the living room. i knew i wanted something bold and vibrant and unique. i’m not a white wall person. i don’t mind it in certain areas of the home but i knew i wanted this room to be vibrant. i just couldn’t pull […]

how to collect jadeite

it’s been a looooong time since i did a post about picking, flea marketing, junking, hoarding etc. i am a collector…a minimalist collector. ok no i’m not. i love collections. i love having something little to hunt for while i’m searching for a big piece so i don’t walk away a loser. however a lot […]