Farmhouse Entry Renovation

well folks… after three coats of paint the entry way to the farmhouse is FINALLY painted and somewhat done (there will always be changes). if you can remember the walls use to be a pretty blue but I really wanted to freshen it up a bit. i chose a benjamin moore dove white and i […]

simple fall apple centerpiece

remember those computer issues i was crying about yesterday? i think mr. i.t. man finally fixed them. i was out of memory on my computer (don’t ask me how, maybe it was the 7,000 pictures). but it is finally working. for the record i never said i was a tech guru. it is what it […]

Pentwater Painted Ceiling

so last weekend i really wanted to get a few projects done but you know what i’ll settle for at least one when it’s this gorgeous out towards the end of summer. i picked a somewhat tedious but easy one with the bedroom ceiling at the cottage. if you  recall way way back in the […]


you know what hotel living for a few days teaches you? how to survive on the bare minimums. it makes me want to gut everything out of my cupboards and closets when i get home. (it always sounds best when you’re not actually home to have to do it). for the past few weeks i’ve […]

how to find vintage linens

i am a collector of way way way too many things. but there are a couple items i’ve been collecting for years and have not gotten sick of. 1. vintage glassware 2. jadeite 3. vintage table linens. all three you can still find out and about (although jadeite has become significantly harder in past years) […]

pentwater bedroom ceiling

what a good day so far you guys. i hit up the farmers market before work and stocked up on some of the biggest red peppers i’ve ever seen in my life. like if you were making stuffed peppers instead of relish you would be feeding a family of four off of one pepper. the […]

cottage at the bloom workshop

yesterday the found cottage was invited to set up a display at the bloom workshop at the felt mansion in saugatuck. you guys…. it was absolutely stunning. i was obsessed with the idea that a home of this size was once built for someones “summer house” . if you can recall my “summer house” is […]

class event at my house

you guys…. i’m SO excited to share with you about an upcoming event at my house. when liz, lisa and i opened the found cottage  back in january we did so because we wanted to create a sense of community, support and house for local artists, creatives and pickers. it has grown beyond our wildest dreams […]

pentwater posts

the posts in the penthouse cottage are going to drive me insane. basically it’s just ugly wood holding up the ceiling. i guess i shouldn’t hate too hard holding up the ceiling is a big deal. we looked at how much it would cost to move them to the outer edges of the house. yea […]

pentwater update

there are just some projects in pentwater that we decided was out of our comfort zone. anything structural -> out of comfort zone. we have been plugging away installing wall panels and have been stuck at this point for about a year. we finally just decided stop monkeying around with it and pay a builder […]

high gloss green table

i so wish i could be one of those minimalist all white home bloggers. i can’t i’ve tried. i’ve failed. i love color. i love bright colors, i love dark colors, i love all the colors together. in my last home i went with a lot of cooler tones (blues, grays,etc) with pops of yellow […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]