finally friday rooster edition

it’s finally friday. you would not know the weekend was here judging by the anarchy that has been happening in our chicken coop/barn. i was viciously attacked by a rooster last night and a rooster this morning. yes yes i am fine but the emotional damage will be hard to undo. lets start with last […]

Guinea hens

let me start off by saying that chickens are a gateway drug in terms of farm animals. they build your confidence, provide you with meat and fresh eggs and  the next thing you know you are administering shots to a sick sheep. we started off winter (late winter) with about 7 meat chickens to see […]

one of those days

from left to right Babs, Betty and Stan it was one of those mornings. i woke up at 5am got ready and was well on my way at 6am when joe came back inside with a very concerned look on his face. something is wrong with babs again (barbara is our black sheep) a few […]

favorite sources for garden information

for the love of all that is holy. IS IT TIME TO GARDEN YET! i am so sick of nurturing seedlings and honestly i killed a few..whoops. but circle of life only the strong survive. meaning only the ones who survive when i forgot to water them a few days in a row. i am […]

5 things to know before buying a farm

many times and especially lately i hear people say it is their dream to live on a farm someday. i think maybe it’s the appeared romance of it all? a throw back to a simpler time? let me preface this post by saying it was never my dream to live on farm. it was something […]

farm life lately

i had an amazing coffee date yesterday with a fellow sheep owner that i met on facebook. i saw that we had some mutual friends and that she also had icelandic sheep and i’m pretty clueless on some upcoming maintenance issues so i asked her to grab coffee. SMALL WORLD. she bought the parents of […]

farm update

sorry it’s a little slow going this morning. we went to elton john last night and stayed out past our bed time. the concert was AhMAZing! i have wanted to see him in concert since i was like 9 years old. i’ve sang his song in choir concerts, i’ve laughed and cried to his music. […]

What to do with baby chicks

another sign of spring has arrived! my baby chicks were delivered yesterday! i know it sounds so weird to have chickens come via mail but it’s kind of funny to go to the post office and hear them chirping like crazy behind the counter. while you still can go to places like tractor supply and […]

farm stuff

everything on the farm right now just seems so dead. until yesterday everything was brown and gross and gray and now it’s buried under another foot of snow. monday night my pal jess and her family came over to talk some landscaping  plans for the front of the house and then the next night we […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]

farm life update

it’s been a while since i gave a farm update! the garden was squashed when the frost came so we are no longer harvesting veggies and flowers but luckily we still have a nice stash of squash from the fall. our animals are growing like crazy! the sheep now have thick coats of wool and […]

5 things pinterest doesn’t tell you about farming

pinterest (including my own boards) are filled with dreamy images of flower fields, backyard chickens and expansive gardens. and i’m not going to lie, there is a lot a lot of that. never in my wildest dreams would i ever think that homesteading (or at least trying to) would be something that i would even […]