finally friday housework edition

is it really friday already? does anyone else feel like this has been the longest shortest week ever?  i feel like i have so much still to get done but when i think back to monday it seems like ages ago! it was an absolutely gorgeous week though and the forecast looks just as great. […]

finally friday birthday edition

happy friday everyone! i love that this is the second weekend in a row we are getting beautiful weather. i woke up this morning and the birds were chirping and the sun was shining during chores. it was the best. even better yet? joe and i took a vacation day. it’s his birthday this weekend […]

finally friday yard work edition

guess what this weekend is going to be….. 70 degrees and SUNNY! what an absolute blessing because you know what this weekend is also going to be…. yard work weekend! that’s right you heard it here folks joe and abby are actually going to try and have their lawn cleaned up before July this year! […]

finally friday out and about

it’s finally friday and with seriously zero plans this weekend i’m anxious to get out and about. just where to i’m not sure. there are no fleas or antique shows going on (that i know of) and the weather is going to be blasted cold to be working outside… so what i’m going to do […]

finally friday party weekend

i don’t know if it’s technically called a “party weekend” if you are not out drinkin and are in bed by 9pm but i’m going to call it a party weekend. why? because i have TWO fun parties to go to this weekend. thats right…. this lady is going out on the town. look out! […]

finally friday shopgirl edition

this has been a long (in a good way) busy week. i am so grateful for the weekend, especially because i get to be shopgirl!!! the past few mornings i’ve had the hardest time getting out from under the covers even though i’ve been getting myself a full 8 hours of sleep. i think it’s […]

finally friday home sweet home

ahhhhhhh home sweet home. i love to travel and explore new places but there is truly no place like home. honestly i think i write that sentence every time i get back from a trip but it is so so true. the second you open the door to your house… the smells, the familiarity rushes back […]

finally friday pentwater edition

you guys.. it’s finally friday, the sun is out, there is no ice and we are heading to pentwater this weekend to work on the cottage! words cannot describe how excited i am to get to work this weekend! we haven’t been able to get up there in so long that i am literally just […]

finally friday girls weekend

this week flew by. like i’m sitting here going … seriously? it’s really friday already? how? don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining but woah. fast folks. tonight we are going out for dinner with my pal shawn and her husband to rustica in kalamazoo. just getting a little pasta, a little cheese and no […]

finally friday clean up edition

ok it’s finally friday and this weekend is here and my goal this weekend is to clean up my house. we’ve been moving things around and tearing down wallpaper, hmmm and hawing over projects around the house and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. tonight we are going out […]

finally friday up in the air

it’s finally friday again! and this weekend is kind of totally up in the air. this morning i woke up bright and early and headed off to the gym before stopping into the office and driving up to cadillac for the grand opening of one of my big girl jobs stores. then heading back down […]

finally friday shop gal round 2

it’s finally friday! this week FLEW by didn’t it!? maybe it’s because i’m in robot mode work store home work store home. this week has been a lot better though being open compared to what it was like getting the store ready to open. have i said yet that i’m just so excited for the […]