finally friday holiday take three

happy friday everyone! for a full week back after a holiday last week this week actually went by kind of fast! this week joe and i made a commitment to eat at home more and cook dinner this week. we made it monday – wednesday but last night i went out for a little girls […]

finally friday thanksgiving edition

it’s finally friday! i hope you had a lovely thanksgiving with your friends and family. me? i feel like i slept most of it haha. yesterday i slept in until 6:30 and watched a movie in bed while looking through my magazines and new southern cookbook (ever since nashville i’m obsessed) and then around 10:00 […]

finally friday holiday season

sigh what a week. do you ever wake up and wonder what day it is? i have had that happen twice this week but this time it was a good realization because it was friday. and we can wear jeans at work today. which is always a plus. it’s the little things right? this weekend […]

finally friday christmas kickoff

you guys…. i cannot wait for tonight. tonight is the christmas kickoff at the found cottage! I’m so so excited. we were at the shop until after 11pm last night being christmas elves decorating the entire store from top to bottom with the newest holiday arrivals, gifts, clothing, jewelry, decorations and more. i am so […]

finally friday nashville edition

we made it! we left work around 3pm yesterday after our meetings and made it to nashville by midnight. the last hour it was blasting the cold air on our faces and sipping five our energy but we made it safely to downtown nashville. i haven’t been on a road trip with joe in years […]

finally friday welcome home edition

what day is it again? oh friday. i’m home again for the weekend and it feels so good. these travel is started to ware on me! especially the overnighters. i literally spent 15 hours in an airport between the last two days. what is it about flying that absolutely exhausts you? i mean seriously you […]

finally friday travel home edition

it’s finally friday and in just a few short hours i will be homeward bound from atlanta. i have been spending the week here at a tradeshow and i am ready to go home! usually this conference is in vegas which isn’t bad but i haven’t been that crazy about atlanta. mostly because when we […]

finally friday shopgirl edition

this weekend i’m shopgirl! i’m so excited to be hanging out at the cottage on a brisk fall day. i’m going to stop at starbucks in the morning and get me a hot apple cider and an additional shot of espresso to kick off the day. i swear each season i think is better than […]

finally friday flea edition

it’s friday friends!!!!!!!! i cannot wait to kick off this weekend tonight. i have the weekend off from both works and i am in turbo home mode. i would love to get some wallpaper torn down and maybe even some walls painted but i also might be getting myself into a baking frenzy pending this […]

finally friday sheep shearing edition

so it’s friday and i’m actually for once a little chilly. I get used to these 80 degree summer/fall days and when i finally give in and wear summer clothes still it’s cold. what gives? i’m not complaining though. i love this weather. i am officially ready for fall. this weekend is pretty jam packed […]

finally friday pentwater edition

i could kiss the ground today. this week has been jam packed and when i say jam packed i mean as tight as you could jam all the jelly in the world into a jar. as tight as all the cars on 131 south can fit at 8:00 monday morning. jam packed. thank God it’s […]

finally friday

i have been off every day this week. i loved having monday off but seriously… couldn’t remember what day it was for the life of me. yesterday morning joe asked me if i wanted to go out for dinner and walk around saugatuck that night completely believing that it was friday (yesterday). which caused me […]