Want to join my garden club?

long story short, i started an online garden club.  Guys my free farmhand joe and I have been working our butts off in the garden. Sorry to use the word “butt” so early in the morning / week but we have. Literally, my body feels like i just did a biggest loser workout for the […]

new garden

we are about 90% complete with putting in our 2017 garden. we worked our butts off this past weekend getting everything tilled up (thank God for my dad’s tractor) and getting the soil ready. i picked up all my plants from the greenhouse up the road who so graciously started my seeds for me. knowing […]

early fall garden

my garden is so confused as to what it’s supposed to be doing right now. usually we are averaging low to mid 70’s and it cools down to the 50’s at night. lately it’s been mid to upper 80’s and the night temperature is 60 degrees. needless to say the garden is going crazy still. […]


i love fall. it’s here. it’s here to stay for a few days until winter comes barging in unannounced and i am soaking it up. i love squash, i love early fall tomatoes and i love love love my fall flowers. the garden is still in full bloom as other plants seem to be winding […]

late summer flowers

the weatherman actually used the term “oppressive” this morning when describing the humidity for this week. he wasn’t kidding. it’s literally sticky outside (and inside because we have all the windows open). this is about the only time i wish we had air conditioning. i can tolerate heat but it is when the air is […]

favorite recipes from the garden

let me just start this out by saying it is amazing how recipes that are filled with veggies can turn fattening in a hurry. in a real hurry. even if it’s good fat. it’s a lot of fat. i learned my lesson with my fitness pal (now that i’m attempting to log things again) that […]

garden update

the garden is in full late summer (cry) functioning mode. the veggies are out of control (so are the weeds) the flowers are waist high, and i find something ripe for the picking every time. while i’m sad to see summer on her way out ( our what is supposed to be, it’s going to […]

garden update

i figure it’s been a while since my last garden update. I was outside this morning cutting flowers for my friend when i smack dab grabbed a bee while pulling on a zinnia. i was having a peaceful morning followed by EXPLETIVE.. so much for calm and serenity i thought to myself. i really botched […]

finally friday garden edition

i love short weeks. 90% of them i love. i feel like i have been boot scoot n boogying all week long from taking those two days off. like running around like an insane crazy woman trying to get things done again before the weekend. working at work, catching up at the store, working in the […]

garden progress

  for some reason this year my garden is under full force attack from weeds and deer. last year rabbits, this year deer. and as majestic as they are i would like to exterminate them for mowing down my squash, tomatoes and zinnias. i went out to snap these pics this morning and i found […]

garden progress

why is it so much easier to grow weeds than flowers or vegetables. i swear if weeds were of value i would be a millionaire. i’ve weeded my garden almost every other day (in sections because it’s huge) and it always seems to fricken grow back over night while my little intentional plants just ease […]

favorite plant sources

my name is abby and i’m a plant hoarder.   i also have no plans for recovery. once the spring air hits i start making the rounds (usually over my lunches) to stop at my favorite greenhouses for something new, interesting, heirloom and unique. yesterday over lunch a few of my pals from the found […]