nashville alabama road trip

when our doctor said it was ok to travel with otto we were off! no joke last month we were in charleston south carolina for work/play but this last trip was all vacation and it was lovely. we went on a ten day road trip south and had ourselves quite an adventure. we left friday […]

Want to join my garden club?

long story short, i started an online garden club.  Guys my free farmhand joe and I have been working our butts off in the garden. Sorry to use the word “butt” so early in the morning / week but we have. Literally, my body feels like i just did a biggest loser workout for the […]

3 tips how to find flea markets

it’s summer in michigan and that means one thing.. or maybe like ten things to me. flea market season. (and garden, pool, beach, cottage, farmers market etc season). i’ve been to maybe three or four markets already this summer and some were better than others. one thing is for sure though.. i never have a problem […]

mothers day weekend at the leland lodge

i think we may have started a new tradition for mothers day. or at least maybe i hope that its a yearly tradition. rewind – we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do to for mothers day and thinking maybe hiding out at home or going to pentwater? maybe chicago for the […]

enough of the mommy juice

can i be really real here for a second with you? i don’t know why i’m asking that because that’s honestly all i ever am and strive to be in this little corner of the internet. here is my truth: i am frantically racing against time. i have two jobs, a farm, too many hobbies […]

otto craig is nine months

well mom of the year over here is posting this almost a month late but in my defense these photos were snapped just shortly after 9 months. i think this just further proves my point that time is indeed flying by. we’ve been soaking up the warm michigan weather and playing outside as much as […]

being a mom

the thought of being a mom the past three mothers days have been a complete and change year after year. in 2016 the wound of our miscarriage was still very fresh and raw. it was honestly hard to celebrate and hard to recognize a day dedicated to something that was supposed to be. i realized […]

road tripping with a baby

we just completed our second road trip with otto and again he was an absolute dream. i don’t know if it’s our trips and tricks for the car, his g tube or him just being an awesome dude that made it go so easy but just in case it was our tricks and tips i […]

Kane County Flea Market

it’s been a long long time since i’ve been able to go to an actual flea market. not only because of time but because of the michigan gross weather. aka there are no flea markets (worth going to) in michigan while it’s cold. during the winter i pay many visits to antique stores to get […]

otto craig is eight months

here we are at eight months. a little over actually i’m never on time. but i’ll say what i say every month.. HOW IS MY BABY 8 MONTHS OLD!? i was talking to a friend the other day about how fast babies grow and it just seems like having a human around that is changing […]

Charleston Shopping Haul

forgive me… wallet. i went a little crazy in Charleston, South Carolina shopping. I couldn’t help it though. the shops were AMAZING. i’m no minimalist. admittedly so. my first question when i’m out in the middle of nowhere is…where do these people shop!? there were so many wonderful things about Charleston and i’ll do one […]

easter with otto

there is something so fun about the firsts of each thing with otto. while i had grand plans for the easter bunny, easter baskets… none of that really happened. and that is ok. we had a wonderful time. plus easter isn’t about that stuff anyone (but it still would have been fun to give him […]