no time limit for thanks

i’m a bit overwhelmed this thanksgiving. i honestly feel that there is not enough time to fit everything that i’m thankful for this year into one singular day. not that i feel like you can only give thanks today no no, but today is like the grand supreme day of being thankful. the past few […]

first snow of the season

i love the way that otto wakes up in the morning. there are two distinct ways he wakes up. one is on his own. this weekend he really had no place to be and was able to just wake up at his leisure. for the record we are lucky. the wee man sleeps all night […]

settle for a slow down

i feel like for months now, three and three quarters to be exact i’ve been talking about a life slow down. courtesy mostly of sir otto. i’m sitting here drinking my hot coffee (win!) and tiptoeing around trying not to “wake the beast” (sir otto is NOT a morning baby) getting ready for the day. […]

do over grace

i could feel it when i woke up first thing in the morning. i didn’t sleep good, i was tired, i had a ton of stuff to get done before i got out the door that day. i just wanted to get up and go but life and all it’s wonderful responsibilities was weighing me […]

finally friday rest and relaxation

and just like that it’s friday today. after a full week again of visits and appointments we are ready for some rest and relaxation around these parts. yesterday we had our first big follow up after otto’s surgery. it went about as expected. the leak has not changed. it’s not better but it’s also not […]


it’s weird driving into work without the baby in the back seat. we have somehow figured out that monday and thursdays otto will be going to one of our parents houses (thanks moms!)  so i can get back into the swing of things at work. joe drops off in the morning and i pick up […]

year thirty

i’ve had very mixed emotions entering year 31 today. mostly because reflecting on year thirty exhausts me because it pretty much kicked my ass. physically and emotionally. year thirty gave me some of the most beautiful moments of my life and the absolute hardest moments of my life. i remember this time last year very […]

weekend recap working mom

it’s official i’m as of today a working mom. i got ready and went to work for the first time since late july. it. feels. weird. i’m not going to lie it was so hard to leave but once i got on the road, got my npr playing and my coffee in my cup holder […]

finally friday

i really should change the title of these posts to “oh really it’s friday?” haha. i didn’t even know it until joe came back into the room wearing jeans. starting next week hopefully i’ll be getting more of a gauge in time because i will be heading back to work on mondays and thursdays while […]

ottos first halloween

i have never been one to “celebrate” halloween. it’s just not one of my favorites. me? i’m more of a thanksgiving and fourth of july kind of girl. mostly because they surround my two favorite kinds of pie. cherry pie and pumpkin pie. that and i just love the nostalgia that surrounds them. i don’t […]

mental breaking point

i think everyone has a mental breaking point. for me lately it’s not one singular moment but rather a pulsated series of moments filled in with wonderful sparkling moments of hope if that makes any sense. yesterday was one of those mini breaking moments. for starters i’m not a monday person in general never have […]

three months of otto

this weekend we did a whollllle lot of nothing. and by nothing i mean… nothing. i attempted to do things but even that turned in to nothing. i pretty much spent the weekend snuggling otto at my parents cottage binge watching “this is us” and not believing that otto is three months old already. in […]