finally friday shopgirl edition

this has been a long (in a good way) busy week. i am so grateful for the weekend, especially because i get to be shopgirl!!! the past few mornings i’ve had the hardest time getting out from under the covers even though i’ve been getting myself a full 8 hours of sleep. i think it’s […]

i don’t know anything about babies

yesterday i was a total loser and had my appointments confused. ultrasound is in about a week and yesterday was just a normal check up. i went in to the office and the nurse handed me a tiny strip that looks like it tests the chlorine levels in my pool. she showed me to the […]

fit pregnancy

after we went through our loss with our first pregnancy i made a bit of a list of things that i wanted to accomplish (but didn’t) before i ever got pregnant. since our first pregnancy did not go as expected i took it as a sad second chance to get it right this time. to […]

weekend recap rip stan

so this weekend was full of ups and downs. i was home after being gone for an entire week and joe was actually going to be home at the same time as well. kinda. friday night he had a charity dinner and i worked late at the shop and fell asleep at 8pm with a […]

finally friday home sweet home

ahhhhhhh home sweet home. i love to travel and explore new places but there is truly no place like home. honestly i think i write that sentence every time i get back from a trip but it is so so true. the second you open the door to your house… the smells, the familiarity rushes back […]

pregnancy after loss

i’ve been thinking about this for a long time. about 17 weeks to be exact. pretty much since the morning i took that test and shoved it in my shoe closet (which i guess if i do that two pregnancies in a row it’s officially a habit) it’s been weighing on my heart. how do […]

weekend recap demo edition

is it really monday already? i think that everyone should have the day off for presidents day. but nope here i am. (not that i can complain). the sun is out and i’m not wearing tights or leggings in february because it’s going to be 60 degrees here in michigan today. can you believe that?! […]

finally friday pentwater edition

you guys.. it’s finally friday, the sun is out, there is no ice and we are heading to pentwater this weekend to work on the cottage! words cannot describe how excited i am to get to work this weekend! we haven’t been able to get up there in so long that i am literally just […]

meet bernadette the bronco

i’ve had her for a few months but when we took her out last weekend i thought it was time for a formal introduction. meet bernadette the bronco everyone! she’s a 1977 ford bronco in all her minty glory. i’d like to say i bought her on a whim but that is not the case […]

weekend recap road trip

it was so much fun going on a little road trip this weekend with my mom and sister. it was good to just get away and have a day of no distractions and just girl time. we literally shopped till we dropped. i’m not even kidding we were basically crawling back to the car sunday […]

finally friday girls weekend

this week flew by. like i’m sitting here going … seriously? it’s really friday already? how? don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining but woah. fast folks. tonight we are going out for dinner with my pal shawn and her husband to rustica in kalamazoo. just getting a little pasta, a little cheese and no […]

ready or not

i’ve had a long time to figure out what i was going to say or how i was going to say this. honestly nothing sounded right other than ready or not… here comes baby albers! whew! that has been one secret to keep. i honestly don’t know where to even start other than from the […]