finally friday

i love fridays. i even love going to work on fridays. it’s the last push before a promising weekend. i don’t ever mean to sound like i don’t love my job because i do. but there is nothing i love more than the weekends. we are staying home on the farm this weekend to get […]

#bestself2015 week 24

so i started the daniel plan yesterday. at first it was super super confusing to me but the more and more i look things up the clearer it is starting to become. i think what i was struggling with was the perimeters of the actual program. it doesn’t seem like a super strict eating plan […]


ok so today i was going to show you all of my garden progress however i am having an entire slew of issues this morning. i should have known something was up when i woke up to make a nice healthy frittata for breakfast and three of the six eggs were frozen… we have an older […]

weekend recap

i love long weekends. i love them so much. this is one of the first long weekends that felt …. long? does that make sense? i think it’s because we allowed ourselves to slow down. we were going to go right from work to pentwater on thursday but i ended up going junking thursday night […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday and we have the day off for the fourth of july holiday! we were going to head up to pentwater last night but we ended up grabbing pizza with jess and her family and enjoying the summer night at home. (after we went junking at night of course) (i oddly only bought […]

flea market finds

happy almost holiday weekend! i love coming back from vacation only to get another short little holiday vacation! why is it that just one extra day off makes such a difference? i don’t know. i never really get a lot of extra chores done..just usually have more fun. it’s been a while since i have […]

#bestself2015 week 23

ok so we skipped about two weeks of bestself2015 updates. but now i’m back and ready to hop back on track with the healthy train. too corny? remember how i said while i was gone my goal was to taste everything not inhale everything. while there were times that i did…. (gelato 3x a day) […]

life lately

hello! i’m settling back in to my normal routine and getting my home to do list checked off and slowly getting over jet lag. (was still up at 4:30am this morning) but i’ve been pumping my bloodstream full of coffee and i’m loving life. being away for two weeks brought on a feeling that i […]

weekend recap

it feels good good good to be home folks! it feels good to be in my garden, see my dogs and chickens, see my friends, shower in my own shower and sleep in my own bed. Europe was an adventure no doubt but there is truly truly no place like home. this weekend was mostly […]

finally friday

well it’s our last official full day on the other side of the pond. i can’t believe how fast the two weeks have flown but i am very much ready to come home and see my dogs, chickens and garden and friends and family. it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and living out […]


yesterday was our last day in the countryside of tuscany. we had breakfast at the B & B then packed up and headed into florence with our new friends. we found a place to park about half a mile from the actual city and enjoyed a rocky walk down to the city. we walked around […]

in the hills of tuscany

yesterday felt like a true vacation day. what do i mean by that… i’ve been gone for over a week right? it was a day where we sat back and just let things happen and let the day take us where it wanted us to go. yesterday we met the other couple staying at the […]