finally friday

it’s finally friday and as i was sitting down to write this post this morning i got the call from the local post office that my batch of guinea hens had just been delivered! i know i know what you are thinking. and no i’m not becoming an animal hoarder. i promise. these guinea hens […]

#bestself2015 week 26

we have reached the halfway point of #bestself2015! 26 weeks down 26 weeks to go! i actually had a really good week health wise. i have been working outside like crazy and the garden has been producing so many veggies that it’s been hard to keep up just to eat them all. i have been […]

weekend recap

and as quickly as it came it went. monday is here. this weekend went by so fast but i’m back in my office chair feeling accomplished at home (mostly) and overwhelmed at work (entirely) . if it’s not one thing it’s another but again trust me when i say i would always rather be busy […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday here! although this week i’m not sure how finally it is. this week flew by! between work, sheep, chickens, garden, home stuff, painted farmgirl etc. it has been really busy. i’m getting the silent treatment from the hubster at work today because i just told him i ordered 15 guinea hens because […]

#bestself2015 week 25

woah dude 25 weeks already! i think this is the longest i’ve ever committed to a blog series. you should congratulate me and send me flowers and pyrex hehe. so before i dive in to how the daniel plan went… i have to tell you what happened last night. last night after work we met […]

mid summer garden tour

is it mid summer? no? i’m going to say almost mid summer. to me i classify the seasons into the following months april – may – spring jun – july – august – summer september – october – november – fall december – january – february – march – winter so i guess that would […]

weekend recap

the weekend was full of many things but clearly the main highlight was … sheep. we will get to that in a moment. let’s rewind to friday. friday after work i swung by painted farmgirl to fluff my booth before the big DIY sale on saturday. the DIY sale is a random pop up of […]

finally friday

i love fridays. i even love going to work on fridays. it’s the last push before a promising weekend. i don’t ever mean to sound like i don’t love my job because i do. but there is nothing i love more than the weekends. we are staying home on the farm this weekend to get […]

#bestself2015 week 24

so i started the daniel plan yesterday. at first it was super super confusing to me but the more and more i look things up the clearer it is starting to become. i think what i was struggling with was the perimeters of the actual program. it doesn’t seem like a super strict eating plan […]


ok so today i was going to show you all of my garden progress however i am having an entire slew of issues this morning. i should have known something was up when i woke up to make a nice healthy frittata for breakfast and three of the six eggs were frozen… we have an older […]

weekend recap

i love long weekends. i love them so much. this is one of the first long weekends that felt …. long? does that make sense? i think it’s because we allowed ourselves to slow down. we were going to go right from work to pentwater on thursday but i ended up going junking thursday night […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday and we have the day off for the fourth of july holiday! we were going to head up to pentwater last night but we ended up grabbing pizza with jess and her family and enjoying the summer night at home. (after we went junking at night of course) (i oddly only bought […]