finally friday

It’s finally friday! i am packed and ready to head up to pentwater again this weekend. this time we are going to get something done. i know it! this is sadly, the last weekend we are going to make it up this summer. september is jam packed with the flea market so we will most […]

how to start a flower garden

so many of you have inquired about starting a flower garden so i thought i would do a little write up on how i started my (first) official flower garden. in the past i have stuck to more bulb type flowers (dahlias and glads) but i had always admired my friend danns amazing array of […]

#bestself2015 week 30

it’s week dirty thirty and i’m two days out from being done with my second “detox” since last week tuesday i’ve been on the daniel plan detox which is basically no gluten, no added sugar and no dairy. i’ll give the full recap when it’s all done but here is what i’m thinking so far. […]

weekend recap

you know all of that stuff we were going to get done at pentwater this weekend? we did none of it. yep. none of it. sometimes though… that’s ok. friday i had a great day at work. i went to the farmers market before work and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies that i […]

#bestself2015 week 29

ok back on track. kinda. day one in. i am doing the 10 day daniel plan detox. no sugar no gluten no dairy 10 days. if there is anything the last cleanse/detox taught me is that you can do anything for 10 days if you put your mind to it. i will say the first […]

weekend recap

what a weekend! we had the first annual albers family campout in my driveway. it involved basically lots of food and fun around the farm. everyone arrived friday after work around 6pm and we got the motorhomes and campers set up and set up some appetizers and that is pretty much where we parked ourselves […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! this has been a whirlwind week again. i’m so ready to have a kickback relaxing weekend with the family. tonight joe’s brothers and their families all my nieces and nephews are all coming over to camp out for the weekend. yep. we are going to have two motorhomes and a trailer in […]

#bestself2015 week 28

i literally have like 25 large zucchinis sitting on my counter, a bucket of tomatoes and numerous eggplants. i am going to cook like crazy this week..hopefully. i have been trying to eat healthy but it’s been a busy crazy couple of weeks at work so i’ve hit the cookie dough flurry drive through once… […]

weekend recap

i love it when i feel like i’ve kicked the weekends hind end. i got so so much stuff around the house this weekend that i feel on top when starting out today. i’m sure that sentiment will change by like… wednesday.. friday night was a short date night because joe had to go work […]

finally friday

nothing like waking up early to do your chores only to find that one of your lambs (the only one with horns) is tangled up in some rope they found who knows where. first i had to catch her then i had to flip her upside down so she’d quit running and hurt herself and […]

#bestself2015 week 27

two steps forward and one step back has been my theme this week. this past weekend i totally blew it. and i’m still paying for it. it makes me so mad. i don’t even really like chicken wings that much! poor poor planning on my part let to a big gain which i am again, […]

weekend recap

this weekend was hot hot hot! for those of you who appreciate scalding hot weather i hope you enjoyed it. i don’t mind it really, it just makes me nervous for my animals. they all have plenty of shade but when temps get to almost 90/95 that is so hot for them! (and us) friday […]