weekend recap

what a weekend! all the chickens lived and we gained a hoppen! let me start from the beginning though. let’s start with friday. friday after work we met up with our friends brooke and jesse and had a fabulous dinner at itty bitty bar in holland. i had their summer salad which was grilled mangoes, […]

finally friday

hooray for another busy week which makes friday come faster. hooray hooray hooray. also hooray for not having a lot of weekend plans. we are going to use this as a method to get our things in order before heading to europe. yikes. it’s like almost a week away. and guess how much planning i’ve […]

mail order chickens

NOTE: sorry for my absence yesterday big girl job duty called and they keep the lights on 🙂 for those of you who have been following along the past few years you’ve known that one of the biggest disagreements in joe the dream killer and i’s marriage was backyard chickens. in byron center we fought, […]

euro trip

so for the past few weeks joe and i have been narrowing down our very first euro trip (i say first because i don’t want it to be the only!) we are heading to switzerland for a conference in geneva for 5 days and then extending on to italy! for 5 days we will be […]

weekend recap

for some reason this weekend seemed longer than memorial day weekend? not sure why. maybe because i crammed more in? (if that’s possible) friday night on my way home from work i stopped in at my uncles house who lives not far from us and chatted about garden stuff and how to work with clay […]

finally friday

i love a four day work week. why can’t we have that all the time?! i love that friday is already here! we are staying at home this weekend to get some stuff done around the house and do some fun things around here. kinda. i’m debating about going to a flea market tomorrow morning […]

#bestself2015 week 20

i’ve been bad. i’ve been neglectful and lazy. this happens every summer, i work hard over the winter and as soon as summer comes…adios gym! and healthy eating…and any sort of schedule i had set in place. my 15 loss is now a 12 loss and it sucks. i know weight fluctuates etc but this […]

weekend recap

i love love love holiday weekends. love them. i’m coming back to work today feeling like i’m finally caught up on most things. what is it about that extra day? it’s one day? i would be so on top of everything if each month we got one long weekend right? or maybe two long weekends […]

finally friday

it’s finally the weekend right? ever feel like sometimes you look forward to a holiday weekend so much you are like… wait it really is friday right? we. are. going. to. pentwater. i simply cannot cannot wait. cannot wait. CAN NOT WAIT we both unfortunately have meetings that are going to take us right up […]

#bestself2015 week 19

i’ve been talking a lot lately about what goes in to my body but i’m starting to get more and more curious about what is in the products i’m putting on my body. actually i started getting curious about 24 hours ago. well actually like 12 hours ago. whatever last night i went to an […]

Favorite Flea Finds

YES it’s time for one of my favorite posts to write. favorite flea finds! i visited quite a few smaller markets throughout the month of  late april/early may including: allegan flea market, painted farmgirl flea market, zeeland peddlers market, Davisburg flea and some rando estate sales. here are some of my favorite finds and i […]

weekend recap

good morning everyone! what a beautiful weekend we had and what a beautiful weekend today! i’m so looking forward to getting outside again and playing before the cold front comes through tonight. this weekend was another whirlwind of fun. friday night we got home and went for dinner at salt of the earth in fennville. […]