finally friday

let me preface this post by saying that i hate it when i miss blog posts. i have been so incredibly swamped this week with a big girl job work event that shall be over today so back to normal (hopefully) next week. now on to business. well… it is finished. i dropped the chickens […]

#bestself2015 Week 16

I’m Tired. I had to force myself to the gym this morning. I had to literally force myself to go that extra mile. I also need to stop eating ice cream every night. The struggle is real. source

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! all my michiganders see that beautiful forecast!?!? it’s going to be mid 60’s this week! it’s like a real live actual spring. which makes the 50 degree weekend meh ok with me. this weekend was a good weekend at home. i stuck around and accomplished a lot of those stupid little tasks […]

favorite flea finds

i just realized i haven’t shown you my latest flea finds! i went to kane flea market in illinois about two weeks ago now in search of furniture for some pretty specific places in my house. i was looking for a coffee table for the screen room and living room, a small table for the […]

#bestself2015 week 15

it seems only fitting that this happened at week 15. i am officially down 15 lbs! you guys, i can’t remember the last time i lost 15 lbs. this morning at the gym i sat there with a 15lb weight in my hand trying to put it into perspective. i honestly can’t believe i walked […]

finally friday

photo: katie touzel photography  it’s finally friday! BUT it’s not just any finally friday… it’s my joey bear dream killers dirty thirty birthday. yes my little bunny knuckles is an ol ol man. which makes me a trophy wife. because i’m so young. and beautiful. and young. this weekend is the weekend of joe. tonight […]

tragedy on the farm

well….. tragedy has struck the farm. i was waiting to share this news but…when the second event occurred last night i figured might as well kill two birds with one stone. when you read the rest of this story you will not find that pun funny. tragedy #1. tickles is dead. yes mr. tickles was […]

#bestself2015 week 14

good morning! the sun is FINALLY out and it’s somewhat warm again but i’m still going to the gym in the morning. i like the way the treadmill tracks miles. although i am ready to get outside and start getting dirty. i think that gardening has so many good health benefits for us. it gets […]

swan song

i’m not normally one to purchase a skirt because i saw a blogger wear it. i like to find things on my own and develop my own style, find my own treasures. but when i saw Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio wearing this skirt for her newborn pics… i clicked the link. and when […]

weekend recap

it’s monday. it’s raining. i’m ok it with it. maybe just not the monday part? i’m ok with a little rain on a monday. i concentrate better during crappy weather. does anybody else? maybe it’s the calming effect of the rain? or the fact that it’s not nice enough to be outside? anyways weekend recap […]

finally friday

  what a night people! joe was out of town and after a day of rain i was all set to have a night picking up around the house, reading and eating my cheese plate while watching a marathon of chopped. however when i got home it was sunny! and hot! i felt a little […]

perfecting the patio

as previously stated last weekend was about at least getting out my patio gear. i have a little bit of an issue hoarding collecting vintage wrought iron patio furniture. i can’t help it! i love all the intricate designs and colors, shapes… i could go on forever baby. i’ve been collecting it for about 6 years […]