finally friday

it’s the weekend again! I am SO looking forward to having (almost) an entire weekend home. we were hoping to get up north to pentwater this weekend but it’s just going to be too cold and rainy so we figured it would be best to get some home projects tackled. i’ve decided that this weekend […]

#bestself2015 week 12

Is it really week 12 already! how do the days go so low and time go so fast? we’ve been talking a lot lately about weight loss and nutrition so i want to transition a little bit and focus a little more on the emotional and stress management level of being our best self. first […]

weekend recap

happy monday. i still hate mondays. at least the sun is out though. right? this weekend seemed to go by faster than others this go round. not sure why? we had a big list to tackle and reached about half of it so that is good i guess? friday night we grilled out some hoppen […]

finally friday

ah yes another friday is upon us. i can’t wait for the weekend to begin. i have been home perhaps one night this week and i’m anxious to get started on some home projects that have been tied up due to snow. now that nonsense is all melted away i can finally easily pull crap […]

#bestself2015 week 11

Hey friends! i’m back in vacation and i can’t believe this week as already gone by. time is (luckily for now) going so fast and we are getting closer and closer to spring! you’ll never guess what happened to me on vacation….. i lost 2 more lbs! who loses weight on vacation? i can promise […]

weekend recap

after a slight delay in the orlando airport (thanks a lot delta) we finally made it home about 4 hours behind schedule. it was good to be home. there is nothing like sitting at the airport to make vacation seem over and home the winning choice over the pool. the vacation was good, relaxing and […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday and unfortunately the last day of my vacation 🙁 fortunately the first day of spring. winter is over! hopefully. if michigan lets it snow again i’m going to punch it in the crotch. yea you heard me. michigan you’ve been warned. so what have i been doing this week? it goes a […]

provence 1970 book discussion

another book down! this one was completely opposite from the first choice. i have long been a huge foodie fan of julie child and have read many books on her life. she was very much dearly loved by the american public as she was the liaison between french chefs and american housewives. i’ve never read […]

easy breezy beachy free people dress

i am so happy to not be wearing leggings or tights. finally. my pasty white legs can finally feel the warmth of the sunshine on them and it feels friggin fantastic. although now i’m stuck with pasty white legs. but oh well i’m terrified of sun spots and wrinkles so spf 1,000,000 is what they […]

weekend recap

we are officially in florida!!!! we left bright and early saturday morning (6:30ish) and with one quick flight we were in florida by 11:30 and by the pool by 1. we of course had to stop at greens and grilles one of my favorite build your own salad restaurants. only in orlando. it’s something about […]

finally friday

well folks i’m out of here! (again) this time for 100% pure vacation. the hoppen girls are going to florida for an entire week! this is the first time in a year i’ve had an entire week off and plan on doing not a whole lot of anything. we are heading down to orlando for […]

#bestself2015 week 9

ok here is the deal we are 9 weeks down and this girl….is 12 lbs down! i honestly (hate to say this) but have not lost this much weight since high school. i know that sounds weird but it’s so true. so as previously mentioned i went on an 11 day cleanse monitored by Parkhurst wellness […]