Happy Mothers Day

To the woman who for the past 28 years has: encouraged me to take on some risks (tries) to teach me grace encouraged me to forgive taught me to be independent encouraged my creativity given me my sense of style (thanks for making me wear a blazer and walking shorts in Kindergarten) and has shown […]

finally friday

it’s friday it’s friday and the rain is passing by! please please please rain hold off until saturday night! this weekend is a semi jam packed doozie. however i’m still recovering from last night. once a year joe, my sister olivia and i head to tulip time for eating. yes we go four rounds at […]

flea market!

Hey Everyone! A little shameless promotion here! if you live in the midwest mark your calendars for the Painted Farmgirl Flea Market THIS SATURDAY May 9 from 9am – 3pm Rain or Shine! I can’t wait to pull my unpainted (i know i know) up next to my friend jess’s cute camper and sell vintage […]

#bestself2015 week 17

sorry about last week. i was dying. literally the month of april was so busy with work, events, vintage stuff, house stuff. pulling my hair out over here. may will still be busy but a little less so with having to be places. so lets catch up to wear we were before. i had just […]

baby shower

i absolutely love throwing parties. i love entertaining and i love hosting. i used to get really really stressed out over little details but what i’ve come to realize that if you put a little love and creativity into events, the stress isn’t really needed. this past weekend we celebrated the pending birth of my […]

weekend recap

whew that was a doozie! i normally cram my weekends full but this one was a bit excessive. probably shouldn’t have gone to that flea market but I couldn’t help it. it was calling to me. friday night we had an event for work out in lansing in which we lowered the price of gas […]

finally friday

let me preface this post by saying that i hate it when i miss blog posts. i have been so incredibly swamped this week with a big girl job work event that shall be over today so back to normal (hopefully) next week. now on to business. well… it is finished. i dropped the chickens […]

#bestself2015 Week 16

I’m Tired. I had to force myself to the gym this morning. I had to literally force myself to go that extra mile. I also need to stop eating ice cream every night. The struggle is real. source

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! all my michiganders see that beautiful forecast!?!? it’s going to be mid 60’s this week! it’s like a real live actual spring. which makes the 50 degree weekend meh ok with me. this weekend was a good weekend at home. i stuck around and accomplished a lot of those stupid little tasks […]

favorite flea finds

i just realized i haven’t shown you my latest flea finds! i went to kane flea market in illinois about two weeks ago now in search of furniture for some pretty specific places in my house. i was looking for a coffee table for the screen room and living room, a small table for the […]

#bestself2015 week 15

it seems only fitting that this happened at week 15. i am officially down 15 lbs! you guys, i can’t remember the last time i lost 15 lbs. this morning at the gym i sat there with a 15lb weight in my hand trying to put it into perspective. i honestly can’t believe i walked […]

finally friday

photo: katie touzel photography  it’s finally friday! BUT it’s not just any finally friday… it’s my joey bear dream killers dirty thirty birthday. yes my little bunny knuckles is an ol ol man. which makes me a trophy wife. because i’m so young. and beautiful. and young. this weekend is the weekend of joe. tonight […]