finally friday

it’s finally friday and unfortunately the last day of my vacation ūüôĀ fortunately the first day of spring. winter is over! hopefully. if michigan lets it snow again i’m going to punch it in the crotch. yea you heard me. michigan you’ve been warned. so what have i been doing this week? it goes a […]

provence 1970 book discussion

another book down! this one was completely opposite from the first choice. i have long been a huge foodie fan of julie child and have read many books on her life. she was very much dearly loved by the american public as she was the liaison between french chefs and american housewives. i’ve never read […]

easy breezy beachy free people dress

i am so happy to not be wearing leggings or tights. finally. my pasty white legs can finally feel the warmth of the sunshine on them and it feels friggin fantastic. although now i’m stuck with pasty white legs. but oh well i’m terrified of sun spots and wrinkles so spf 1,000,000 is what they […]

weekend recap

we are officially in florida!!!! we left bright and early saturday morning (6:30ish) and with one quick flight we were in florida by 11:30 and by the pool by 1. we of course had to stop at greens and grilles one of my favorite build your own salad restaurants. only in orlando. it’s something about […]

finally friday

well folks i’m out of here! (again) this time for 100% pure vacation. the hoppen girls are going to florida for an entire week! this is the first time in a year i’ve had an entire week off and plan on doing not a whole lot of anything. we are heading down to orlando for […]

#bestself2015 week 9

ok here is the deal we are 9 weeks down and this girl….is 12 lbs down! i¬†honestly (hate to say this) but have not lost this much weight since high school. i know that sounds weird but it’s so true. so as previously mentioned i went on an 11 day cleanse monitored by Parkhurst wellness […]

pink party dress

so as previously stated this past weekend i went to the j & h awards banquet in downtown grand rapids. i needed to wear something that was cute, fun but practical because i was partly responsible for planning the party and making sure things ran smoothly. so i needed something i could move around in […]

weekend recap

this was a busy busy weekend! thank time change for making it that much shorter. boo. i love the daylight but i do hate losing one hour. it feels like time went by so fast. my favorite day of the weekend is sunday and i hate that it was an hour shorter. friday night my […]

finally friday

ah thank goodness it’s friday once again. i have been going crazy wanting some extra time again this week especially because….. drumroll please…. i completed my seed order you don’t understand what an amazing task is for me. i spent well over 4 sundays pouring through my favorite seed catalog¬†¬†and narrowed it (seriously) down from […]

#bestself2015 week 8

source this officially makes us two months in! how is everyone holding up today? i’d like to talk a bit today…about group exercise. i have been getting back into the werq cardio dance group and while this class is smaller than others, i still get all up tight about group workouts. for one you have […]

peaceful snow

i know that i am so ready for spring. i really am. i have my seed order ready, i’m drawing up my garden plans i am ready. but like i said before i’m trying to slow things down and enjoy each moment. key word: trying. for my friend annettes birthday we headed down to saugatuck […]

finally friday

sorry for being mia yesterday guys (missing in action, not the rapper). sometimes life just happens and the ol blog has to take a back seat ya know? yesterday i had to attend a tradeshow for work that kicked off at 8am and then i went and visited joe’s grandpa who is in the hospital […]