#bestself2015 week 5

week 5 folks! how are you doing? i am happy to say that i made it back from dallas and didn’t gain a pound. and i have to admit i was quite astonished. i am someone who explores via eating while i’m traveling or on vacation. the perks of being on a business trip are […]

weekend recap

monday. i hate monday. i will never be one of those people that loves mondays. i know this is like the 100 millionth time of you reading that on this blog but i’m just not one of those people who can carpe diem on a monday. that being said, as good as dallas was, i […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! last morning in dallas before i head home for the weekend! the final speaker is george bush and i’m super excited to hear his speech. we are leaving to check out one more convenience store before heading to the airport that actually three different dallas folk have told me is the best […]


hello all! i got to meet robert irvine yesterday! talking about bringing health to convenience stores! greetings from dallas! after my second day here i can say i’m still undecided about how i feel about dallas. i feel though, my opinion is skewed because i have been inside a hotel at a conference from 8am – […]

#bestself2015 week 4

here we are folks week 4! time flies doesn’t it? how we doing? how are things going? feeling better? this week. i’m in dallas. and there is foodie places everywhere. EVERY WHERE. yesterday i hit up velvet taco for lunch and smoke for dinner. probably not the wisest choices but how do you maintain on […]

weekend recap

this weekend was definitely a working weekend. you will see this is true because all of my photos this post are all iphone photos. joe and i kicked butt around the house. friday night i prepped and cooked most of the food for our Superbowl party and then joe and i started phase one of […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday. and do you know what this weekend is… turbo fricken house mode. We are having people over to watch the big game and i am not going to have that going on in a torn apart house. so tonight, tomorrow and probably even tomorrow night it’s paint and paint and more paint. […]

#bestself2015 week 3

how is it going this week friends? good? bad? how we feeling? me? i’m feeling overwhelmed these days. since we’ve started i have lost 4lbs by doing the following. 1. not eating out for dinner (once a week) 2. consistently asking myself “bitch yo hungry or no?” then stopping if i actually wasn’t hungry anymore […]

weekend recap

a restful weekend indeed folks. as i sit here this monday happy that january is almost over and we are almost one month closer to spring.. i can’t help but be in a little bit of a good mood. even if it is monday ya know? this weekend was so nice. friday night joe and […]

finally friday

  this week flew by. holy moly. i was on scramble mode all week trying to make up for those three days being gone last week and it’s like wait a minute…where did the rest of the week go? but here is the deal… i am totally and 100% ok with that. i’m ready for […]

#bestself2015 week 2

good morning! i am SO excited to have a guest writer today!  my friend bethany and i go way back. back back to our high school days.  we were involved in many of the same activities and friends and she is just a lovely person inside and out and has graciously volunteered to do a […]

weekend recap

i am trying to have a seriously positive attitude this morning. it’s so hard to come back to the office after you’ve had some time to clear your head, set goals and think to yourself a bit. then you come to the office early. turn on your coffee pot and sit down in your desk […]