pink party dress

so as previously stated this past weekend i went to the j & h awards banquet in downtown grand rapids. i needed to wear something that was cute, fun but practical because i was partly responsible for planning the party and making sure things ran smoothly. so i needed something i could move around in […]

weekend recap

this was a busy busy weekend! thank time change for making it that much shorter. boo. i love the daylight but i do hate losing one hour. it feels like time went by so fast. my favorite day of the weekend is sunday and i hate that it was an hour shorter. friday night my […]

finally friday

ah thank goodness it’s friday once again. i have been going crazy wanting some extra time again this week especially because….. drumroll please…. i completed my seed order you don’t understand what an amazing task is for me. i spent well over 4 sundays pouring through my favorite seed catalog  and narrowed it (seriously) down from […]

#bestself2015 week 8

source this officially makes us two months in! how is everyone holding up today? i’d like to talk a bit today…about group exercise. i have been getting back into the werq cardio dance group and while this class is smaller than others, i still get all up tight about group workouts. for one you have […]

peaceful snow

i know that i am so ready for spring. i really am. i have my seed order ready, i’m drawing up my garden plans i am ready. but like i said before i’m trying to slow things down and enjoy each moment. key word: trying. for my friend annettes birthday we headed down to saugatuck […]

finally friday

sorry for being mia yesterday guys (missing in action, not the rapper). sometimes life just happens and the ol blog has to take a back seat ya know? yesterday i had to attend a tradeshow for work that kicked off at 8am and then i went and visited joe’s grandpa who is in the hospital […]

weekend recap

better late than never right? sorry this monday was wooosh! jump right into things. my sincerest apologies for not getting this out sooner. so weekend. lets talk because i really really miss it about now. i’m on a 24 hour juice cleanse for liver and kidneys and i’m about to punch someone and run to […]

finally friday

friday is here! and it’s supposed to be “warm” tomorrow. yea yea yea. listen when it is -8 today and it’s supposed to be 30 tomorrow, that is a 40 degree warm up. ok so tomorrow it’s going to be warm out! tonight we are getting some stuff done around the house and having dinner […]

#bestself2015 week 6

we are six weeks in to the #bestself2015 challenge. i know that we have mostly discussed body image and weight etc. but today i want to talk about our minds. my mind is clouded. i have felt so bombarded lately with work and emails and texts and appointments and words. that i find myself rushing […]

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! i don’t know where you are but in michigan it is -4 degrees out right now. you step outside. breathe in, cough and then your boogers freeze inside your nose. it’s for these reasons alone that i spent a majority of the weekend cooped up inside. it was just too damn cold […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! this week seemed to fly by but friday couldn’t come soon enough! we have a busy busy weekend coming up. tonight we are going out for dinner not sure where. my lovely husband was not aware that valentines day is tomorrow and there is no reservations anywhere within a 30 mile radius […]

it was me all along book discussion

it’s finally here! the day of our very first book club. if you haven’t had a chance to read “it was me all along” please do. it was a fantastic read. i read it in an entire 5 hour plane ride. by the time the plane landed i had three women asking me about the […]