Farewell 2014

i know that it is such a cliche to post about reflections of 2014 and hopes for 2015 but i’m a planner and a do-er so that’s what i do. so okay? this year more than ever i feel like i am finally getting (somewhat) “settled”. i’ve always been a bit restless especially these last […]

weekend recap

these past few days weeks months have felt like an absolute whirlwind. from moving to unpacking to thanksgiving, christmas and now new years. it’s making my head spin. we have had christmas parties every day since the 23rd with the exception of the 26th. i am about to freak out. i just need at least […]

Bake Up a Storm with Artgoodies Giveaway

once upon a time i met a girl named lisa at an antique show. we bonded over our love of vintage and that we were the only 2 there under the age of 70. over the years we have hung out more and more, flea marketed together, sold together, had some pretty awesome events together […]

the weary world rejoices

” a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices” i think that might be my favorite christmas lyric of all time. it’s so vivid and true and honest. to me and i think many others, christmas is kinda hard. not only the hustle and bustle and parties and schedules but struggling with what christmas is […]

how to wear socks with short boots + giveaway!

yea!!!! merry christmas eve friends! i have been so super excited to share this weeks posts with you! i hope you are enjoying them as much as me! i have two left for you this week. up today is a super amazing super sweet giveaway from an amazing local shoe company, wolverine. yea baby! i […]

Eat Cake for Breakfast Giveaway!

welcome to the first day of the abby’s favorite things holiday giveaway series!!! this week i have 4 fun fab gifts to give away to you from some of my FAVORITE local retailers! it’s a well known fact that i have a handful of favorite stores in the area. one at the top of my […]

finally friday + michigan giveaway!

gooooooddddd morning and happy friday everyone!   it’s finally friday and also the last weekend before christmas! yikes! does anyone feel like this month is flying by? i feel like it was just thanksgiving! this weekend we are going on a marathon christmas shopping spree trying to tie up the loose ends and get everything […]

vintage christmas decorations, the finale

yesterday i gave you the mantel…today i give you the rest of the room. yes. yes. i only decorated one room. the rest of the house is a boxed up war zone and this was the best place to put it all this year. so alas one room. here is what i like to call… […]

my holiday vintage mantel

    i was going to show ya all of my holiday decor in one post but considering i’m posting 15 pictures of my mantle.. i thought best to divide it up even though i only decorated one room. it is kinda sad but totally in line with my personality that i would unpack all […]

weekend recap

ah lovely weekend. i hate to admit that i am loving this weather but i am.  i love snow for the holidays and the whole white christmas thing but i seriously love not having to drive 60 minutes to work due to roads. friday night joe and i checked out a new restaurant in otsego […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! thank goodness it’s here! i seriously cannot seemed to get anything done around this house during the week. between work and moving completely out of byron center…it’s been rough. tonight joe and i are going to have a nice quiet night at home. we’re going to make dinner and just relax. we […]

Holiday DIY Series: Vintage Tin Towers

happy thursday everyone! it’s a beautiful sunny day here in michigan and it’s actually going to be 40 degrees today so there is no snow. but that doesn’t mean i can’t do another holiday DIY! this one came to me when i was standing in the aisle of the salvation army and there was rows […]