finally friday

it’s finally friday! thank goodness it’s here! i seriously cannot seemed to get anything done around this house during the week. between work and moving completely out of byron center…it’s been rough. tonight joe and i are going to have a nice quiet night at home. we’re going to make dinner and just relax. we […]

Holiday DIY Series: Vintage Tin Towers

happy thursday everyone! it’s a beautiful sunny day here in michigan and it’s actually going to be 40 degrees today so there is no snow. but that doesn’t mean i can’t do another holiday DIY! this one came to me when i was standing in the aisle of the salvation army and there was rows […]

weekend recap

photo taken at hunt and gather  hmmm where to start? usually with friday. this weekend sucked the energy out of me. for reals. friday my big girl job purchased a new station and we literally swarmed it like bee’s to take it over. luckily it was one of the cleanest convenience stores we’ve ever purchased […]

finally friday

  this weekend will involve basically one thing and one thing only. moving. why? BECAUSE WE SOLD OUR HOUSE IN BYRON CENTER and have to be completely out by thursday. yikes. we moved the majority of thing when we bought the allegan house but we left all of our furniture behind to stage the home. […]

Holiday DIY Series: Nice Globes

hellooooo! this is the first full week of december and also the first week of my holiday diy kickoff! throughout the month i will be peppering you with fun and easy holiday themed diy’s that can be used for gifts, decorations or just to make you happy! today i’m happy to introduce…DIY snow globes! i […]

if you’ll check off my christmas list.

i could have an eternal christmas list this year. i swear. i have decided to make three. home, body, smalls. today you get my top five home things on my list. 🙂   1. lulu and georgia naira rug.  i am creating a look with oranges, black, grays, and browns. i want the lounges and dining […]

weekend recap

ahh monday. cyber monday at that. if only i hadn’t spent all my pennies on black friday. well almost all my pennies. you can see my list of cyber monday sale links here but let me rewind back to friday. i woke up at 4:45 am in order to make it into grand rapids by […]

finally friday

i trust everyone had a marvelous thanksgiving? Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie W/ Meringue Topping – Martha Stewart     having a holiday floating during the week always throws me off. i think we should have friday off too. i tried that with my boss man (craig) . it didn’t go well. nope didn’t go well […]


sorry for the delay folks. in a turkey coma. i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and spend time with your family and friends. join me tomorrow morning for black friday shopping!

weekend recap

this weekend….was a trial. for sure it started out good right? friday night we went out for dinner to a great place called rustico in kalamazoo, checked out this amazing wine store nearby that had a pretty slick cellar of rare and collectable wines. toured around town a bit. took a night off. (wine store […]

finally friday

  ahhhhh friday you couldn’t come soon enough. i don’t know about everybody else but this weather has made me want to hunker down and go to bed at 8pm. meaning i get absolutely nothing done. i get home, make dinner, drink a glass of wine and watched chopped as i fall asleep. zero motivation. […]

Abby’s Sale Alerts

good morning everyone! i hope you haven’t gone insane yet from the snow. it is november after all! while you are being snowed in (and with the holiday season approaching) there are tons of sales (on line and in store) and fun local events. i thought i would list them all for you. well maybe […]