Finally Friday

  so…this whole commute to grand rapids from allegan wasn’t bad until the snow came. we officially have 7 inches of snow on the ground and it’s not looking like it’s going to cease fire anytime soon. literally i woke up yesterday to a winter wonderland. i have never seen snow come so fast. part […]

abby in chicago

sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. i just needed a day to get out of town (at least my town) and clear my head. no phone, no work, just breathe a bit and get inspired. i don’t know if you remember last year but i was such a scrooge and i am bound and […]

abby tv

greetings earthlings. along with the redesign of this blog i’ve been working on a few other tricks.. my very own binks and the bad housewife’s youtube channel! now in addition to my daily posts you can watch me in action! so far we have made pumpkin towers and that glazed pumpkin loaf!  exciting right? i […]

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! i hope you had an awesome weekend? enjoy the sun while it was out? this weekend involved me. getting older. and then getting back to work. lets rewind to friday. i woke up 1 year older. yep. i am officially 28. i spent the day working, having lunch with my friend leah […]

Weekend Recap

this weekend was absolutely gorgeous. FINALLY a lovely fall crisp sunny weekend. i relaxed, i worked, i played. it was all good. friday night i went to my friend dann and chips house for cheese. lots and lots of cheese. i went to appertivo, the cheese lady and art of the table to get “supplies” […]

finally friday

Thank goodness it’s friday! i have another fun full weekend planned! well maybe? who knows things are always changing. but here are the plans for now. tonight. heading out for a night of cheese with my friends dann and chip. since i probably won’t be getting any trick or treaters here…. well hopefully not because […]

halloween stuff

there might be one “holiday” all year long that i don’t really care to celebrate. (other than bullish holidays like sweetest day, columbus day and kim kardashian day). i really don’t care to celebrate halloween.  the only thing i like is the candy, my nieces and nephew in their costumes and the kickoff to the […]

weekend recap

monday. you always come to soon. i just want one more day… please? this weekend as usual went way to quickly. maybe it’s because i really haven’t left my house much since friday? lets start with friday. friday night i left work and headed downtown to meet my friend lisa at citysen lounge to have […]

finally friday

there is alot of stuff going on this weekend. so much that i’m not sure what i’m going to choose to do.  tonight we are going out to dinner and possibly heading out to the lost and found  anniversary party (6-10pm) tomorrow it’s work/play day.  not sure how that is going to play out yet. there […]

take it off

ok so one room at a time. last weekend wallpaper come down and many of you want to know what worked? let me start by telling you i tried EVERYTHING. it took me for friggin ever before i figured out what worked. i tried steaming, water, prayer everything. here is what worked. DIF – GEL. […]

weekend recap.

wallpaper is the devil. correction: bad wallpaper is the devil. it took me all friggin weekend to tear all of it down in just the dining room. friday night i worked on some blog things (including a scarf tutorial) i then headed into the big city (woodland mall) and met my friend lisa at the […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’ve never been so grateful for the weekend. and so excited to get to work! i’m sitting here right now watching the sun rise working from home waiting for the cable man to come so i can watch my beloved food network. i’ve been dying out here without it. dying. so what […]