last week while in vegas for my big girl job was very very very eye opening in a number of ways. first i read the book #girlboss cover to cover over the the course of a four hour flight. that is what really kicked my brain into gear over the week. lets start with the […]

weekend recap

let me just start out by saying that i absolutely hate missing a post. i do, i really do but let me give you an excuse. my flight left vegas at 6am which meant i had to be to the airport by 4am which means i had to leave my hotel by 3am and well. […]

be right back

Hey!  I will be right back friends! Have a busy day at the tradeshow!

vegas part 1

yesterday was a day of travel. flying if very interesting to me. i sit in the terminal sizing up my competition. your options?crazy lady getting loaded while pre gaming at tgi fridaysmadame farts a lot who is also covered in starbucks donut powder.the guy who needs two seatsa couple business peoplefamily with small children i […]

weekend recap, exhausted edition

i often hear from people i don’t know how you do it. and after weekends like this…. i’m beginning to wonder how i’m going to do it. friday night joe and i worked around the house packing until about 6:30pm when i had to leave to go to a blogger event for wolverine. i couldn’t […]

finally friday

ok so this is the last hurrah round these parts. we are so close to being packed up and ready to move to the new house. i have to have it staged and ready to go by sunday night because i leave for vegas (for a conference) on monday morning. yikes. so here is the […]

wall garden.

i’ve always always always wanted to try my hand at a pallet garden and honestly never had the time to just sit and do it. i actually had a saturday not too long ago when joe was out of town and i had the house and tools to myself. i went the warehouse friday after […]