tulip time food strategy

So once a year my younger sister, joe and I have tulip time fried food fest. Rather than have a bit here and there we commit an entire night to hitting up the best food stands at the tulip time festival in Holland, Michigan. This year my sister brought her boyfriend because she felt he […]

quick trip to magnolia

yesterday i got a few spare hours away from the conference i’m at to sneak away to spend some fun time in texas. luckily my mom, sister in law and mother in law came along on this trip so naturally we went to waco. we were 1.5 hours away from it how could we not!?! […]

weekend recap chicago birthday

why does this weekend seem like we had way more time… oh yea because we did. on a bit of a whim joe and i decided to take friday off and start celebrating his birthday a little early. we woke up and did chores before deciding to head out to chicago for a quick overnight […]

weekend recap road trip

it was so much fun going on a little road trip this weekend with my mom and sister. it was good to just get away and have a day of no distractions and just girl time. we literally shopped till we dropped. i’m not even kidding we were basically crawling back to the car sunday […]

finally friday sweet home alabama

this week went by super quick (again) joe and i left early early tuesday morning and made it to orange beach alabama by 8pm at night. pretty good drive time if i do say so myself. a few podcast series and wendy’s stops and we were in the warmer weather. it’s been a little cloudy […]

road trip essentials

joe and i left this morning bright and early on yet another road trip. we are meeting up with my family down south for a little rest and relaxation to close out 2016. let me tell you we got so lucky for traveling this time of year up north. you run the risks of blizzards […]

21 again chicago style

no not me! well maybe i was for a little bit last night. last night my baby sister turned 21. shes almost 10 years younger than me and i cannot believe that she is officially an “adult” it’s just crazy! we decided to get out of a town on a sisters weekend to celebrate. where […]

adventures in abbyland nashville guide

i had such a great time in nashville over my birthday. it was something that has been on my list a long long time. thanks to the suggestions of friends in real life, instagram and facebook i found some pretty amazing places that i thought i would share with you (in case you want to […]

alone time

yesterday morning i had about an hour and  half before i had to leave for the airport so rather than sit in my hotel room and wait i went for a walk with a book in search of breakfast. it was my last moments in california and i wanted to soak it up because who […]

weekend recap

what a way to start off a monday. i was downloading photos from the weekend and POOF they are gone. like can’t find them anywhere. all of our photos from the zoo and la jolla…gooooone. i’m not even sure what happened but i downloaded from my camera card like i normally do and for some […]

cottage at the bloom workshop

yesterday the found cottage was invited to set up a display at the bloom workshop at the felt mansion in saugatuck. you guys…. it was absolutely stunning. i was obsessed with the idea that a home of this size was once built for someones “summer house” . if you can recall my “summer house” is […]

a few hours in nyc

to only have like 8 hours in nyc just isn’t really fair. i don’t think. i mean i know i’m here for work n all but i should at least get three days total. 1 to shop 1 to work and 1 to eat. but nope i had to condense travel, eat and shop all […]