adventures in abbyland nashville guide

i had such a great time in nashville over my birthday. it was something that has been on my list a long long time. thanks to the suggestions of friends in real life, instagram and facebook i found some pretty amazing places that i thought i would share with you (in case you want to […]

alone time

yesterday morning i had about an hour and  half before i had to leave for the airport so rather than sit in my hotel room and wait i went for a walk with a book in search of breakfast. it was my last moments in california and i wanted to soak it up because who […]

weekend recap

what a way to start off a monday. i was downloading photos from the weekend and POOF they are gone. like can’t find them anywhere. all of our photos from the zoo and la jolla…gooooone. i’m not even sure what happened but i downloaded from my camera card like i normally do and for some […]

cottage at the bloom workshop

yesterday the found cottage was invited to set up a display at the bloom workshop at the felt mansion in saugatuck. you guys…. it was absolutely stunning. i was obsessed with the idea that a home of this size was once built for someones “summer house” . if you can recall my “summer house” is […]

a few hours in nyc

to only have like 8 hours in nyc just isn’t really fair. i don’t think. i mean i know i’m here for work n all but i should at least get three days total. 1 to shop 1 to work and 1 to eat. but nope i had to condense travel, eat and shop all […]

where i ate

back from a quick get away with my mom to chicago to relax and recharge a bit. most of you know that when i travel i am all about the food and the shopping. however this time both my mom and i are working really hard to be healthy and not over do it but […]

weekend recap wine country edition

what a weekend. i mean like seriously. i’m going home because i have to. i am going kicking and screaming though because i am in my element here. the people are my people and the food is fantastic. i don’t wanna go home. i’m going to try and break this down as best i can. […]

finally friday napa edition

surprise!!! we are in napa. it was a pseudo on a whim trip half planned half not. we had the flight and hotel booked for a while but seriously packed the morning we left and reserved everything on our cell phones. i felt very millennial about that. we arrived at 11am CA time which was […]

Cottage Road Trip Grand Rapids Guide

i absolutely love working weekends at The Found Cottage. LOVE IT. i get to see all of our lovely regulars but i also get to meet the people who drove from hours away just to come visit us! i cannot tell you how honored that makes me feel when you walk through the door and […]

dallas wrap up

all my bags are packed. i’m not really ready to go back to the snow but i am excited to go sleep in my own bed. and i honestly need to eat lettuce for the next 3o days so i can at least fit back into my leggings. i thought i would give a little […]

bigger in texas

everything is bigger in texas right? i guess that explains my expanding waistline the first 24 hours i’ve been here. my coworker misty and i had a pretty seamless flight for once (knock on wood) and got into dallas around 3pm est and out on the road by 5pm. i used priceline to rent our […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]