new mexico

greetings from new mexico! i have had two days here packed full of conferences and a little bit of opportunity to see what is going on around this town. my co worker misty and i arrived here early afternoon on sunday and walked the town  of santa fe a little bit after we checked into […]

weekend recap

what day is it? i honestly had to check my calendar because my weekend was a hodgepodge of go go go. friday night i headed over to my moms house to get ready for our garage sale and have a friends and family night. thank you so much to everyone who came out to have […]

finally friday

well it’s our last official full day on the other side of the pond. i can’t believe how fast the two weeks have flown but i am very much ready to come home and see my dogs, chickens and garden and friends and family. it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and living out […]


yesterday was our last day in the countryside of tuscany. we had breakfast at the B & B then packed up and headed into florence with our new friends. we found a place to park about half a mile from the actual city and enjoyed a rocky walk down to the city. we walked around […]

in the hills of tuscany

yesterday felt like a true vacation day. what do i mean by that… i’ve been gone for over a week right? it was a day where we sat back and just let things happen and let the day take us where it wanted us to go. yesterday we met the other couple staying at the […]

leaning tower of pisa

yesterday we made the big drive from gruyere switzerland to tuscany italy. it was about 7 hours of adventure let me tell you. we went through mountains, we drove by the seas, we had audis passing us  at ungodly speeds but we made it! the leaning tower of pisa was about an hour or so […]

last day in switzerland

I can’t believe it’s already time to move on from Switzerland. Although I will say i’m ready for a change of scenery. the swiss countryside (and french for that matter) have been stunning but i’m ready to get to a new country, a new cuisine and a new group of people. we spent our final […]

Saturday in Gruyere

Yesterday we left montreux and headed back to geneva to pick up our rental car. after finally making it out of the city (that was really scary) we decided to take the path through france over to gruyere. i know it was like a major major back track but we wanted to see the french […]

final day in montreux

we leave our little lovely hotel in montreux today and head to our next adventure in gruyere! i’m super nervous because we are renting a car and driving from montreux > geneva > gruyere > florence > chianti > rome (dropping car off at rome airport). say a little prayer for us if you think […]

finally friday

well it’s finally friday and our last full day in montreaux before we rent a car and head up to gruyere and then in to italy. i would be a total liar if i said i wan’t borderline terrified to drive around the country. if you think about it give us a little prayer for […]

when in Switzerland

have i said that switzerland is gorgeous yet? switzerland is absolutely gorgeous. it is one of those places where honestly there is not a lot going on so you just wander. we have learned that concierge people or maybe it’s just the lady at this hotel messes with you. everything she has sent us on has […]

catching up

ah time change. technically it’s 4 am in michigan right now. (9:45 a here) which makes it the longest i’ve “slept in” in about 5 years. i’m still groggy and waking up so bear with me. after we took sometime doing research in the hotel we headed out trying to find some local restaurants which […]