#bestself2015 week 4

here we are folks week 4! time flies doesn’t it? how we doing? how are things going? feeling better? this week. i’m in dallas. and there is foodie places everywhere. EVERY WHERE. yesterday i hit up velvet taco for lunch and smoke for dinner. probably not the wisest choices but how do you maintain on […]

vacations all i ever wanted

sorry to go dark on you yesterday. sometimes its about just living in the moment and between my morning run and snorkeling i ran out of blog time. today is a slower pace day though here on st. martin. we have a couple meetings today (we’re here for work after all) but other than that […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! thank goodness it’s here! i seriously cannot seemed to get anything done around this house during the week. between work and moving completely out of byron center…it’s been rough. tonight joe and i are going to have a nice quiet night at home. we’re going to make dinner and just relax. we […]

abby’s chicago

ok brace yourself this is going to be a lengthy one.  i am going to list off every amazing place i went to last week in chicago. there was so much goodness packed into one week that you might be here a while. these will go in order by days and areas traveled. ready? let’s […]

abby in chicago

sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. i just needed a day to get out of town (at least my town) and clear my head. no phone, no work, just breathe a bit and get inspired. i don’t know if you remember last year but i was such a scrooge and i am bound and […]

vegas part 1

yesterday was a day of travel. flying if very interesting to me. i sit in the terminal sizing up my competition. your options?crazy lady getting loaded while pre gaming at tgi fridaysmadame farts a lot who is also covered in starbucks donut powder.the guy who needs two seatsa couple business peoplefamily with small children i […]