weekend recap about town

this was such a relaxing fun weekend i don’t want it to end. but alas it’s monday and i barely slept a wink last night. around 8pm or so i started hearing squeeks coming from somewhere. upon further investigation there are either bats or mice in the walls. i stood in one of the older […]

weekend recap spring forward

i like the idea of spring. i like the idea of jumping forward into it but i’m not happy about losing an hour of sleep AND these ridiculous snow storm we received this morning and is supposed to continue on through the rest of the day. however i made it to work (courtesy of joe […]

weekend recap farm stuff

this weekend was such a blur that was surprisingly (which shouldn’t be so surprising) taken up by farm stuff. farm stuff, work and some rest finally. friday night we got home from work and made some fajitas using the leftovers from the week and watched a movie … kind of. we both fell asleep around […]

weekend recap rip stan

so this weekend was full of ups and downs. i was home after being gone for an entire week and joe was actually going to be home at the same time as well. kinda. friday night he had a charity dinner and i worked late at the shop and fell asleep at 8pm with a […]

weekend recap demo edition

is it really monday already? i think that everyone should have the day off for presidents day. but nope here i am. (not that i can complain). the sun is out and i’m not wearing tights or leggings in february because it’s going to be 60 degrees here in michigan today. can you believe that?! […]

weekend recap road trip

it was so much fun going on a little road trip this weekend with my mom and sister. it was good to just get away and have a day of no distractions and just girl time. we literally shopped till we dropped. i’m not even kidding we were basically crawling back to the car sunday […]

weekend recap super sunday

who else is exhausted today because they stayed up way too late watching a football game they really don’t care about? (me!) i stayed up all the way (you proud?) watching the super bowl sunday night at my friend aimee’s house eating way too many nachos and butterfinger dessert. please don’t tell my trainer. i […]

weekend recap winter redo

this weekend felt like a winter redo. the temperatures dropped again and the snow came down. friday and saturday were pretty light but later saturday night and most of sunday the big beautiful flakes came down. don’t get me wrong, i’m totally over winter but i realize that it is still jan/feb and that if […]

weekend recap sunshine edition

you guys… saturday was a gift from God above for us michiganders don’t you think? i mean how did we get sunshine and 60 degrees in mid january? now i know we need to brace ourselves because we have snow coming at the end of the week but seriously. it was a literal breath of […]

weekend recap opening the found cottage

We did it! the found cottage has officially reopened and i cannot even put into words how incredibly grateful i am for all of you that came out to see us. it was a wonderful wonderful weekend and it felt like a big family reunion getting to see all of you. it was hard being […]

weekend recap

this weekend i would pay my left arm right now just to have some warm summer air on my face. after this “arctic blast” we’ve had for the last week i think most of michigan would. the air has been so cold that the second you step outside your lips start to crack and your […]

weekend recap back to the salt mines

yesterday was a long weekend holiday observance so i kind of just logged off and observed it. i’m telling you going back to work is hard after the holiday season and the two long weekends in a row. however it does feel great to be home and it is awesome to not have any major […]