merry little christmas

is christmas really over? that came and went in a blink of an eye! i’m not going to lie though it was time for it to be here. i feel like i have spent the past 2-3 months prepping for it not just at home but for the store. we started getting all of our […]

weekend recap holiday cheer

you blink and the weekend is seriously gone. POOF! i sit here this morning and am like…what did i even do friday? it was nice this weekend to have somewhat clear roads to be able to get to all of the things we wanted to get to and enjoy the holiday parties. our parties this […]

weekend recap snowed in

so it definitely  snowed this weekend. i think we have just shy of two feet around our house! we jut kind of sat back and allowed ourselves to be snowed in. kind of. friday night joe was home after being gone an entire week from texas. he was actually sick of eating meat and potatoes […]

weekend recap

happy snowy monday friends. i opened my big mouth and asked for a dusting of snow to cover the brown grass and ended up with about 3-4 inches at our home. which would be fine and dandy if i wasn’t two hours from home last night picking when it started to just blizzard. actually it […]

weekend recap

this weekend was long and awesome. i love having a midweek holiday. i honestly have a hard time remembering what i even did friday lol. i feel relaxed and refreshed to take on this week. wedensday night joe and i went out for a nice dinner to rustica. we just split the cheese plate and […]

weekend recap holiday rest

what a good weekend! friends it was such a fulfilling weekend and i’m ready to take things on rested and ready. the holidays have been kind of stressing me out due to all sorts of things good and bad and i just made a commitment to myself that i would participate as long as it […]

weekend recap

what a weekend it has been! you guys! if you want to talk about the best weekend ever. this is it. it started with the open house and it ended with a bowl of noodles and a glass of wine. friday night we opened the doors to the store at 3pm and stayed open late […]

weekend recap 20s edition

ok guys…. this is the last full week of being in my 20s. i’m actually doing a lot better than i thought i would be. i remember on my 21st birthday after a night out at the bars bawling my eyes out that my next “big birthday” would be thirty. i have decided that i’m […]

weekend recap fall edition

what a gorgeous fall weekend. seriously. the weather this weekend is why michigan people live here. (in addition to the freshness of spring, the sun of summer and the coziness of winter). the air was perfect the leaves were stunning and it was just a lovely relaxing weekend. this weekend was an equal balance of […]

weekend recap home work edition

what a relaxing weekend! it was nice to be a part of the “stay home club” this weekend. well… kind of. i tackled a lot of home projects but also spent a lot of time on the road hunting for some key pieces. some things i found…others…the search continues. i kicked off the weekend with […]

weekend recap shopgirl edition

this weekend i was committed and married to the found cottage and i am 100% ok with that. it was such a fun weekend full of busy shoppers that it just makes it a riot to be working. i love being shopgirl especially when it’s so beautiful out! friday night i closed the store and […]

weekend recap sleepless edition

this weekend… needed to get punched in the face. i was an adult. i scheduled my time, i made room for adequate sleep and she swallowed me whole and spit me right out. this weekend i had the house all to myself because joe went up north with the “menfolk” and i had  a whole […]