how to collect jadeite

it’s been a looooong time since i did a post about picking, flea marketing, junking, hoarding etc. i am a collector…a minimalist collector. ok no i’m not. i love collections. i love having something little to hunt for while i’m searching for a big piece so i don’t walk away a loser. however a lot […]

finally friday

it’s finally friday! i’m so excited for this weekend. you don’t even know. well…now you do because i just told you! this weekend is going to be full of junking, shop stuff and friends and food and friends and junking and junking with friends. it’s set up to be a good weekend. photo ps thanks […]

Grand Rapids Antique Show

HA! And you thought flea season was over! Jokes on you! I’m so excited that the grand rapids antique market is coming back for another year at the DeVos place in grand rapids. That’s right it’s indoors. forget the muck boots, forget the layers and layers of coats. you can shop all weekend for $12! […]

finally friday

well here we are! it’s finally friday and this girl is ready to go home. home home home. DON’T get me wrong this has been a week of experiences, travel and seeing dear friends but i miss my critters and the comforts of home. it has been a whirlwind of activity this week from grand […]

farmgirl flea

we are officially just a few days out from the farmgirl flea! i cannot wait for saturday you guys. my friends and i have been planing like crazy for the past year for this event and we are ready for you to come and enjoy the day with us. i thought i would share some […]

weekend recap

what day is it? i honestly had to check my calendar because my weekend was a hodgepodge of go go go. friday night i headed over to my moms house to get ready for our garage sale and have a friends and family night. thank you so much to everyone who came out to have […]

painted farmgirl flea

my house is a disaster. i have laundry from like three weeks piled high in front of the washer. dishes in the sink and dirt all over the porch. but you know what? it’s worth it. i’ve been busy planning the painted farmgirl flea with my friends from painted farmgirl. back in may we started […]

flea market finds

happy almost holiday weekend! i love coming back from vacation only to get another short little holiday vacation! why is it that just one extra day off makes such a difference? i don’t know. i never really get a lot of extra chores done..just usually have more fun. it’s been a while since i have […]

euro trip

so for the past few weeks joe and i have been narrowing down our very first euro trip (i say first because i don’t want it to be the only!) we are heading to switzerland for a conference in geneva for 5 days and then extending on to italy! for 5 days we will be […]

Favorite Flea Finds

YES it’s time for one of my favorite posts to write. favorite flea finds! i visited quite a few smaller markets throughout the month of  late april/early may including: allegan flea market, painted farmgirl flea market, zeeland peddlers market, Davisburg flea and some rando estate sales. here are some of my favorite finds and i […]

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! all my michiganders see that beautiful forecast!?!? it’s going to be mid 60’s this week! it’s like a real live actual spring. which makes the 50 degree weekend meh ok with me. this weekend was a good weekend at home. i stuck around and accomplished a lot of those stupid little tasks […]

favorite flea finds

i just realized i haven’t shown you my latest flea finds! i went to kane flea market in illinois about two weeks ago now in search of furniture for some pretty specific places in my house. i was looking for a coffee table for the screen room and living room, a small table for the […]