weekend recap

it’s monday. it’s raining. i’m ok it with it. maybe just not the monday part? i’m ok with a little rain on a monday. i concentrate better during crappy weather. does anybody else? maybe it’s the calming effect of the rain? or the fact that it’s not nice enough to be outside? anyways weekend recap […]

easy breezy beachy free people dress

i am so happy to not be wearing leggings or tights. finally. my pasty white legs can finally feel the warmth of the sunshine on them and it feels friggin fantastic. although now i’m stuck with pasty white legs. but oh well i’m terrified of sun spots and wrinkles so spf 1,000,000 is what they […]

weekend recap

we are officially in florida!!!! we left bright and early saturday morning (6:30ish) and with one quick flight we were in florida by 11:30 and by the pool by 1. we of course had to stop at greens and grilles one of my favorite build your own salad restaurants. only in orlando. it’s something about […]

weekend recap

this was a busy busy weekend! thank time change for making it that much shorter. boo. i love the daylight but i do hate losing one hour. it feels like time went by so fast. my favorite day of the weekend is sunday and i hate that it was an hour shorter. friday night my […]

peaceful snow

i know that i am so ready for spring. i really am. i have my seed order ready, i’m drawing up my garden plans i am ready. but like i said before i’m trying to slow things down and enjoy each moment. key word: trying. for my friend annettes birthday we headed down to saugatuck […]


hello all! i got to meet robert irvine yesterday! talking about bringing health to convenience stores! greetings from dallas! after my second day here i can say i’m still undecided about how i feel about dallas. i feel though, my opinion is skewed because i have been inside a hotel at a conference from 8am – […]

#bestself2015 week 4

here we are folks week 4! time flies doesn’t it? how we doing? how are things going? feeling better? this week. i’m in dallas. and there is foodie places everywhere. EVERY WHERE. yesterday i hit up velvet taco for lunch and smoke for dinner. probably not the wisest choices but how do you maintain on […]

weekend recap

a restful weekend indeed folks. as i sit here this monday happy that january is almost over and we are almost one month closer to spring.. i can’t help but be in a little bit of a good mood. even if it is monday ya know? this weekend was so nice. friday night joe and […]

weekend recap

this weekend was strange. like i’m not sure how to describe it. parts of it were super fun and awesome. some parts were totally lame – 0 and some parts joe and i just fought at. do you ever get that? where you fight with your significant other for no reason. both of you do […]

happy new year! grand rapids antique market

happy new year everybody! i hope you are enjoying a day off of relaxation and welcoming in the first day of 2015. i am currently at the penthouse soaking in some quiet and am about to go on a little walk but before i do i wanted to get a date on your calendar! this […]

Eat Cake for Breakfast Giveaway!

welcome to the first day of the abby’s favorite things holiday giveaway series!!! this week i have 4 fun fab gifts to give away to you from some of my FAVORITE local retailers! it’s a well known fact that i have a handful of favorite stores in the area. one at the top of my […]

weekend recap

ahh monday. cyber monday at that. if only i hadn’t spent all my pennies on black friday. well almost all my pennies. you can see my list of cyber monday sale links here but let me rewind back to friday. i woke up at 4:45 am in order to make it into grand rapids by […]