best baby shops

having a baby means many many sleepless nights. between feedings, changing and then pumping you have a big of time on your hands around 3am (especially if you have the hands free pumping bra – a true revolution). i have a new(er) bad habit now of ordering stuff at 3am and completely forgetting about it. […]

my favorite non maternity sources

let me just start out by saying…maternity clothes are butt ugly. i do not want to wear a shirt that says “i swallowed the watermelon seed” or any stupid crap like that. which seems to pop up every time i google “cute maternity clothes”. seriously does everything have to be so kitschy? i feel like […]

weekend recap road trip

it was so much fun going on a little road trip this weekend with my mom and sister. it was good to just get away and have a day of no distractions and just girl time. we literally shopped till we dropped. i’m not even kidding we were basically crawling back to the car sunday […]

mid week florals

i’m feeling the time crunch friends. it’s so hard to get stuff done at the end of the day when you come home and it’s dark at 5:00 and all you want to do is eat noodles and watch tv. but you can’t eat noodles because that is not the best dinner choice for you […]

black and gold party top

i love going on trip that are strictly vacation. when i’m traveling for work it’s meh what ever i have already hanging in my closet but when it’s a real vacation i love going and picking out just a few new things to mix in while i’m gone. i bought these jeans from anthro when […]

Anthro Midi Birthday Skirt

each year i treat myself to a little (or a lot) of pretty. Since i no longer get a first day of school outfit i think it is only fair that i get a birthday outfit. (not to be confused with a birthday suit). last year i went a little tulle skirt crazy with a […]

being 30

well i woke up this morning to a new decade. my third one to be exact. 3rd decade for some reason sounds better than 30 to me. i have never been one of those people that loses their minds over getting older. except for that one time on my 21st birthday after a night out […]

kate spade plaid

can we talk about this kate spade plaid outfit? on the one actual fall day so far this year (at least it feels like that) i got to bust out my new fall get up. it’s supposed to be 70 degrees again today on the first day of november! usually there is at least one […]

fall wardrobe update

ok it’s that time of the year when the weather has officially changed and i’m ready to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. key word: few, not piles just a few. i have been way obsessed with all of the luxe and glam textures and patterns i’ve been seeing “about town”. thank God […]

A really good dress experience

let me just start off by saying that i’ve really really really tried to define my style this past season and i just have too many different tastes to be limited. one minute i think i’m only into really neutral calming tones and then the next i’m at kate spade splurging on a taffeta dress […]

watch me go

it’s been a while since i blogged an outfit post! but i couldn’t not post this we’ll call it a summer/fall transitional look. i’m obsessed with plaid and i feel like fall especially lets me wear as many plaid patterns as humanly possible. don’t be fooled though, this shirt is not flannel it’s actually linen! […]

finally friday

it’s friday. it’s the weekend. it’s finally friday. i have such a good weekend planned and it looks like the weather is finally going to cooperate with me. today i have a meeting at hope college for my big girl job and while i’m on campus i’m taking my little sister out for lunch. the […]