pear shape

well folks we are officially on the eve of my 28th birthday. where in the world did time go?  i am usually a big birthday celebrator but for some reason 28 is making my stomach turn a little bit. maybe it’s because i always planned on being in my 20’s i never really looked much […]


i’ve been trying and trying to eat healthy(er) this fall season but if there is one thing i cannot resist at the farmers market it’s pumpkin donuts. can. not. resist. they are so crunchy and awesome and delicious. and i figure if i buy a couple bags of root veggies it makes up for the […]

a walk in the park

ever been on the brink of getting sick? ugh i have a splitting head ache this morning and i’m trying to fight it off. drinking lots of water and tea but i’m afraid i might have to default to cold medicine. that is one of the only downfalls about the seasons changing. the colds and […]

mad for plaid

outfit on abby scarf zara similar here and here jacket jcrew similar here dress anthropologie old similar here and here  shoes tory burch old similar here and here  lipstick marc jacobs little pretty  it’s scarf season everyone! i’m so happy that it’s finally here. just hoping that it doesn’t bring snow so soon with it. i […]

she asked me how to spell orange

“she asked me how to spell orange” please tell me you know what movie that is from . (watch mean girls immediately) i know i’ve said it like a million gagillion times but i love it for the food, drinks, clothes, everything. i have yet to locate the boxes with my boots in it […]

heart and soul

i love fall. love it love it love it. i love the weather, i love the pumpkins, i love the food i love it all. plus i look terrible in shorts so i’m a denim loving gal. i went to the farmers market to pick up some pumpkins and mums for the front porch of […]

crisp camo

greetings from vegas day 2/3? i guess this would be day three. i wouldn’t count travel day but oh well. not the point.  yesterday i went to an all day conference regarding the app we use at my big girl job for deals, coupons and loyalty. do you ever get it where you leave a […]

weekend wear

these pics were snapped on the last saturday joey and i did nothing. yea that was a few weeks ago haha. we went out to saugatuck to check out a restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to for ooooo two years? the fall weather was gorgeous it was a 70 degree sunny day by the […]

plaid n polka

as one gets older, i know i know  i don’t look a day over 21. as one gets older,  you start focusing more on fit. fit becomes very very important to a woman. a proper fit hides all that is scary and what that extra mile on the treadmill just can’t seem to get rid […]