my free people winter uniform

ok the weather has been insanely cold and crisp and since this christmas this has been my uniform. layers upon layers upon layers. because it’s friggin cold. oh and i’m  not really into wearing pants that button at this point in time. you know? i have bought this free people slip in like  5 different […]

Checked Madewell Vest with Polka Dots

  happy tuesday! does anyone else feel like this week is going to be a long one? for the last two we’ve had breaks in the middle with holidays off. now we don’t have a holiday off until…..easter? i’m kind of ok with that. i have some fun travel planned for both work and fun […]

Casual Free People Party Dress

so once upon a time i bought this dress that was sparkly. i bought it (shamefully) at a black friday sale circa 2013. i had to have it. i just didn’t know what to wear it with. (broke rule 101) (i break most budget rules). the poor dress, she hung in my closet for a […]

how to wear socks with short boots + giveaway!

yea!!!! merry christmas eve friends! i have been so super excited to share this weeks posts with you! i hope you are enjoying them as much as me! i have two left for you this week. up today is a super amazing super sweet giveaway from an amazing local shoe company, wolverine. yea baby! i […]

One Jacket, Three Ways Jb and Me Giveaway

holiday parties, work parities, christmas programs and more…the number one question is … what do i wear to that?!!? it’s hard to commit to a holiday outfit especially when it includes the purchase of a statement piece. nobody wants to buy an outfit they will only wear once? people do, yes but do they want […]

favorite odd sweater

i am not a clothes hoarder i promise. it’s just that when something always fits and looks good (and was expensive) i never get rid of it. i bought this odd molly sweater a few years ago at jbandme and i still love it. odd molly is a little bit of a pricy brand but […]

miss new bootie

can we talk a little bit about boots? I am super obsessed with this new boot line i discovered at jbandme (now shopable online!).  my friend laura who is the manager at the holland location said i had to try these booties on. and i kinda wish i never did because i am super obsessed. […]

Cyber Monday Deals

  my wallet is still a little sore from black friday but i managed to save a little something something for cyber monday. I will update as more come in! Also “Weekend Recap” will be posted later this afternoon! here are my favorite deals of the morning! Free People – Extra 25% off sale items! […]

remember fall

remember when fall was here for a split second? barely right? it was only for a brief second where you could walk around outside in michigan with the leaves falling and no tights. lame. but at least it’s cute to wear socks over tights. sometimes. remember when i said i have had some free people […]

bundle up

snow season = sweater season. i know that i have discussed my love for free people sweaters before but let me do it again. here are the reasons i absolutely love free people sweaters. 1.) they last years ( i seriously have had some for almost 6 years) 2.) they are always in style. they […]

sock it to me

i am totally obsessed with the tall sock trend. it’s been around for a while but i feel like it’s full force this season. here is the tricky part. i love the look but i don’t want to walk around like i’m not wearing pants. you know? once you hit (almost) 28 you need to […]


i’ve been trying and trying to eat healthy(er) this fall season but if there is one thing i cannot resist at the farmers market it’s pumpkin donuts. can. not. resist. they are so crunchy and awesome and delicious. and i figure if i buy a couple bags of root veggies it makes up for the […]