free people emma dress

dress: Free People Emma Dress booties: MTNG becca bootie remember when i was part of the farmgirl flea? remember when i shopped during any possible break i got? remember when i bought a dress at the show? ok but in my defense this was NOT your grandmas flea market. we had jb and me there. […]

the perfect poncho

ok so believe it or not.. i’m a bargain shopper. i know is it a bargain if you buy a lot of bargains? i dunno. but it’s really really really hard for me to pay full price for stuff. so when i do the item has to be extremely special. i think it’s because i […]

everlasting blooms fall flea

all you have to say is “fl” and i’m like WHAT !? Flea!?!? Where!?!? say “Fall Flea” and i have my boots on and i’m heading out the door. say “Fall Flea at an amazing home garden center” and i have my boots on, in the car gunning it to 90 mph. each spring and […]

fresh fall faces

you will RARELY catch me running around without some shade of lipstick on. every gal has their must have for make up. for some it’s mascara for others it’s… i’m a lipstick gal. i remember when i first tried out a bold shade of lipstick. it was at a girls night christmas party about […]

fall lust list

i know i just had a garage sale and i said shopping looks terrible. i lied. well i didn’t because for the first 24 hours after my sale it did sound terrible. BUT i did get rid of a ton of things. like i went from having 3 closests full to a small closet with […]

West Elm is Here!

you guys….. gone are the days where i have to drive to the east side of the state or chicago to get me some west elm inspiration. they are now officially open in our backyard (if you live in grand rapids). my buddy liz and i got the full tour from our new friend Dru […]

#bestself2015 week 19

i’ve been talking a lot lately about what goes in to my body but i’m starting to get more and more curious about what is in the products i’m putting on my body. actually i started getting curious about 24 hours ago. well actually like 12 hours ago. whatever last night i went to an […]

dandelion garden dress

right now in our field and gardens it looks like we are growing dandelions on purpose. right now they are pretty because there are so many but soon it will be time to till up everything and put in our pumpkin patch. this past weekend the breeze was warm and the skies were gray and […]

flea market!

Hey Everyone! A little shameless promotion here! if you live in the midwest mark your calendars for the Painted Farmgirl Flea Market THIS SATURDAY May 9 from 9am – 3pm Rain or Shine! I can’t wait to pull my unpainted (i know i know) up next to my friend jess’s cute camper and sell vintage […]

favorite flea finds

i just realized i haven’t shown you my latest flea finds! i went to kane flea market in illinois about two weeks ago now in search of furniture for some pretty specific places in my house. i was looking for a coffee table for the screen room and living room, a small table for the […]

swan song

i’m not normally one to purchase a skirt because i saw a blogger wear it. i like to find things on my own and develop my own style, find my own treasures. but when i saw Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio wearing this skirt for her newborn pics… i clicked the link. and when […]

perfecting the patio

as previously stated last weekend was about at least getting out my patio gear. i have a little bit of an issue hoarding collecting vintage wrought iron patio furniture. i can’t help it! i love all the intricate designs and colors, shapes… i could go on forever baby. i’ve been collecting it for about 6 years […]