swan song

i’m not normally one to purchase a skirt because i saw a blogger wear it. i like to find things on my own and develop my own style, find my own treasures. but when i saw Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio wearing this skirt for her newborn pics… i clicked the link. and when […]

perfecting the patio

as previously stated last weekend was about at least getting out my patio gear. i have a little bit of an issue hoarding collecting vintage wrought iron patio furniture. i can’t help it! i love all the intricate designs and colors, shapes… i could go on forever baby. i’ve been collecting it for about 6 years […]

easy breezy beachy free people dress

i am so happy to not be wearing leggings or tights. finally. my pasty white legs can finally feel the warmth of the sunshine on them and it feels friggin fantastic. although now i’m stuck with pasty white legs. but oh well i’m terrified of sun spots and wrinkles so spf 1,000,000 is what they […]

pink party dress

so as previously stated this past weekend i went to the j & h awards banquet in downtown grand rapids. i needed to wear something that was cute, fun but practical because i was partly responsible for planning the party and making sure things ran smoothly. so i needed something i could move around in […]

spring wardrobe lust list

it’s to the point in the year where i feel like i need a wardrobe overhaul.i feel like i’ve just been dumping layers on me in hopes of looking decent and keeping warm. i’m craving COLOR and PATTERNS. and anything other than sweaters right now. i am looking forward to this spring. if i continue […]

first grade shoes

i had these oxfords when i was little. i loved those oxford shoes. then some beyotch stole them. and i was super sad. 24 years later…. kate spade makes oxfords ALMOST as cool as the ones i had when i was little. almost. pair those bad boys with my favorite emerald j.crew cafe cropped pants […]

stevie nicks

  happy tuesday everyone! we are one step closer to friday. is it sad that i am already counting down? anyways…. last week i had the opportunity to go see fleetwood mac in concert. i have loved them for so long and honestly never thought that i would get a chance to see them together…live. […]

st. martin style

ever have that feeling when you are packing for vacation and nothing looks good to you at that moment. you have a hard time picturing what that little summery dress is going to look like out in the wild where it’s warm. oh and not to mention everything is just  a little…too….tight? that is when […]

my free people winter uniform

ok the weather has been insanely cold and crisp and since this christmas this has been my uniform. layers upon layers upon layers. because it’s friggin cold. oh and i’m  not really into wearing pants that button at this point in time. you know? i have bought this free people slip in like  5 different […]

Checked Madewell Vest with Polka Dots

  happy tuesday! does anyone else feel like this week is going to be a long one? for the last two we’ve had breaks in the middle with holidays off. now we don’t have a holiday off until…..easter? i’m kind of ok with that. i have some fun travel planned for both work and fun […]

Sunday Sales Report

welcome to the sunday sales report! this is a list of the best sales for the day/week from around the web. what am i missing? Up to 70% off at Jbrand  – love the fit of these and these  Up to 60% off at Neiman Marcus  – these are kind of awesome… 50% off select styles at DVF – this […]

Casual Free People Party Dress

so once upon a time i bought this dress that was sparkly. i bought it (shamefully) at a black friday sale circa 2013. i had to have it. i just didn’t know what to wear it with. (broke rule 101) (i break most budget rules). the poor dress, she hung in my closet for a […]