Christmas Entryway

let the holiday festivities begin! let’s start with the entryway shall we? i spent probably three weeks decorating my house for christmas (not solid there were week long breaks in between). and i feel i am finally done and ready to share some of the decor i put up. while i could have kept going …. i have other christmas things to do. like bake and wrap presents. so i limited myself to five areas of the house (6 if you count the outside). entryway, living room, cocktail lounge, dining room and bedroom. so as i said boom lets start with the entryway.
entrywayi have christmas decorations coming out of my ears. i’m not even kidding you. never buy new decor until you unpack what you already have! when we moved boxes just kind of got scattered in all different places so i found piles of christmas decor in about three separate areas of the house. i gathered 90% of it together and put up about 50% of it. sometimes you just don’t want to put out all 50 vintage dancing santas you know? plus it’s fun to be able to mix it up each year and not have to buy new stuff to do that. (even though i totally did that this year) ok just with copper ornaments and some faux green stems ok?

this garland will leave me finding glitter around the house for all of eternity. there is seriously glitter all over my steps, in my rugs, just everywhere so it’s a good thing i love glitter. i left my little collage here on the wall because i love it and it was a pain in the A to hang. i took my gather sign from outside and moved it inside to the entryway which i thought “gather” yep you pretty much do that in the entry. this is the staircase that leads up to our bedroom and i’ve wanted to hang garland on it since we moved in here. the ribbons i just bought a strand at the craft store and loosely tied them around the railing to keep everything in place.


i’d like to take the credit for this little car but i can’t. it’s so darn cute i had to have it. i found it in a local antique store and wasn’t sure where i was going to put it other than it had to go somewhere in my house. hiding my pile of unopened mail seemed like a great place to put it!

so that is the first room in this holiday madness. more to come!  falalalalalalalalallalalalalla

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